Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Update Part 4: First Day in DC

We just got back from our first day in Washington DC.

Instead of doing one of the tour buses which was going to run us about $42, we decided to drive about half-way to DC (because of the terrible traffic) and take the metro rail into DC. The all-day rail pass was only $8.

Our first stop was the White House, from there we went to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. We saw a few other sites along the way, but those were the ones on "our list".

The pictures I posted are a little out of order, but I will do my best to explain them too you!!

Skye, Treyton, Alexa and I in front of the White House

Up Close and personal at the White House

Alexa napping and Nana supervising at the World War 2 Memorial

Around the WWII Memorial there are columns with the names of each of the states, we took pictures with Wisconsin, Virginia and Louisiana.

After Alexa's nap, she was aroused enough to get a picture in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Treyton with Abraham Lincoln Statue

Me with the Wisconsin Column
Treyton next to the Washington Monument

I've been wanting to take this picture FOREVER --- had to have a little fun with it :)

I was surprised by how many big parks there were - there were so many beautiful trees we stopped and took a few pictures of one of our favorites.

It's like I'm a senior in High school again!

Treyton and I playing in one of the parks on the way to the Washington Monument - we also had to stop and play duck, duck, goose

ANOTHER fun park

Nana and Lexie in front of the White House

Walking, walking and more walking

More fun with the Washington Monument

And one with Auntie Skye, too

Our favorite tree again

We plan on going back tomorrow, probably to the National Zoo. We have a few other stops we are considering but we'll have to see how far we get.

This was such a fun and memorable day --- I think mostly for Skye and I (we were pretty psyched) but even Treyton had fun, however, by the end of the day he told me "No more pictures, mom, I'm all done."


Alexis said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures; I love being able to keep up with what ya'll are up to and you are really helping me get pumped for my trip next month. (By the way I want all your notes and agendas lol) Looks like you had another great day - I'm sooo jealous!!! Love you - give everyone and kiss and hug for me - specially my babies!!!

Alana Wiemann said...

UMM Hello I had fun to but I am carring around another person even if he/she is still small it can tire a girl out LOL! I had fun sorry if I was quiet the walking was a lot anf pooped me out. I am so glad that you guys are here! and I can't wait to see you mom!

For His Glory said...

Love all the pics but esp the ones at the monument. Glad you are having so much fun!!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

The pics at the Washington Monument are cute! :-) Glad you are having a good time!

Mommer said...

Hey High School Girl, I thought you were on your 6th grade Safety Patrol trip.
I also love the Monument pictures of you and Skye. So glad you're enjoying your trip.
With lots of love,

Amber said...

It's actually funny you say the 6th grade thing. The moment we stepped out of the Metro Rail onto the sidewalk in DC there was a map so I had stopped to see which way we were headed and a security guard (or someone like that) walked up to us and said "Can I help you ladies" and I said "I don't think so, we're headed to the White House, so we're going to go right down this way." and she said "You're right on top of things" I said "thanks for the help" and we headed off.... as we walked away I said to Skye and Alana "Imagine what we look like, 3 teenage girls getting off the metro rail with two "babies" not knowing where there going."