Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vacation Update Part 5: Adventure Day in DC

This morning we decided to head back to DC and try to get to the Zoo. We were planning on going yesterday, but due to the all-day forecast for rain we decided against it. This morning there was a prediction for thunderstorms starting at 3pm so we decided to head out and see what we could get done before the rain came.

Our first stop was the White House so that we could get some more pictures. Plus this time Uncle Mitchell was with which made it even more special (especially considering today is Uncle Mitch's Birthday!!)

From the White House the plan was to catch the red line rail to the National Zoo. The weather was supposed to be cooler today but it was SUPER HUMID. The heat wasn't that bad, I certainly was sweating but the humidity was much worse, I literally felt like it was condensating on my skin.... just rolling off. Alana said she felt like a snowman in summer.

When we got off at the stop for the zoo we realized it was drizzling a little bit, but to be honest, the drizzle was a cool welcome to the humidity, so we decided to keep going the 1/2 mile track to the zoo. We weren't walking 3 minutes before Skye said "this isn't that bad" and as soon as she said it, the rain picked up a little bit.... still not bad... but enough to give Skye a hard time. Soon after that, however, the rain REALLY started coming!! By the time we realized that we couldn't go on any further, we were already soaked (it was coming down that fast!!) Treyton immediately started crying because his pants and feet were soaked. I tried to put him into the stroller with Lexie but he was too upset and it just wasn't working out so I grabbed Lexie and put Treyton in the stroller headed back to the red rail. Uncle Mitchell pushed Treyton (with no umbrella) and I carried Lexie, and the group headed back.... Lexie smiling and waving at everyone we passed.... Treyton crying the entire way.

Needless to say we were all SOAKED to the bone by the time we got back to the Metro station. Treyton still crying.

Uncle Mitchell said it best when he said "We gave it out best shot. It started sprinkling a little bit and we said 'let's go for it' it started to pour we were still like 'let's go for it', then the monsoon hit and Treyton was like 'no sir, no'"

All in all - it's a birthday Mitchell won't soon forget!

Right now while I type this Mitchell and Treyton are in the kitchen making his birthday cake (at Mitchell's request), so the night ends on a high-note!!

As you can see from this picture even, it was so humid the camera was fogging up pretty bad - but this is me and the kids in front of the White House

This is me, trying to put Treyton for bed the other night, and him insisting on "licking me all over" I was laughing so hard Skye ran in and took a picture....

This is just a picture of my kids I would label "typical" --- Treyton jumping on the bed, Lexie knocking things over to climb up on them.... yes, feel free to pray for me when you think of it!!

Uncle Mitch and Aunt Nana in front of the White House

Auntie Skye and Lexie.... finally getting along (for real)

Just me in front of the White House

The Sisters and the kids in front of the White House

Walking in the rain (me and Treyton)

Soaked to the bone, on the way home (on the rail)

In all seriousness, it was a great day, a little wet, but a memory we won't soon forget.


Anonymous said...

Praise God! My family rocks!

Love you guys, Big Mama u r awesome, keep everyone safe.

Love Hubby and Daddy

For His Glory said...

1 out of 2 crying! Wow, consider that a job well done! Looks like a memorable day. Sorry the rain didn't skip you; it skipped us.

Tami Jo said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Treyton walking in the rain. I bet it would looke AWESOME in black n white...try it.

For His Glory said...

Thanks for adding my button. If you get one I can't wait to see it and put it on my site! Love you