Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation Update Part 6: We're Home

We made it home!!

We got in last night at 7:53 our time (8:53) Virginia time.

Tim says the kids have changed (mostly Lexie) - he says she's stronger now and he is able to wrestle with her more. He also thinks she is chunkier and looks more like him (he actually said those two separately, but how could I resist?). He's surprised to see her walk everywhere (even though I told him she was) and even more surprised to realize that she's into more than even she was before.

Treyton and Tim are back to their old ways (already) wrestling, laughing and tearing up the house.... even as I type this I just hear Treyton running and screaming from dad and running into anything in his path.... man it's great to be back.

Yesterday went.... okay, the kids (and mom) were ready to get home. We stopped by Mount Vernon on our way to the airport I really wanted to do the tour but it was pretty crowded and we weren't able to get it done in time so we had to skip... I was pretty disappointed, but I guess that just means we will have to go back sometime!!

We got to the airport 2 hours early, and I'm glad we did - it was a mad house. We made it through okay, but it was certainly more tense and stressful for Skye and I which rubbed off on the kids. Treyton was a little sassier and was having a hard time listening, but even at his worst, I was thankful for his behavior. He was such a big boy the entire trip.

Our first flight got off the ground late because they had changed the plane which interfered with some of the seating and their computers were not working properly.... we were about 45 minutes late. Once we got to Detroit we were supposed to have an hour and half to get to our plane but because of the delay, we literally got to our gate and got on the plane, so sad to say, no dinner for us (I had enough snacks for the kids but Skye and I were a little hungry).

Lexie had been going to sleep at 7:30 Virginia time every night so needless to say the flights interfered with her sleeping schedule, the first flight she whined and cried most of it - moving around trying to get in the aisle. The second flight (after pooping her pants) was finally able to crash and she slept the rest of the flight.

Once we landed we got our bags and Tim picked us up at the curb - you should have seen him jump out of the van and grab the kids.... don't worry he grabbed me, too (I think he actually missed us)! This trip (the first half) was the longest that Tim and I had gone not talking to one another since we started dating - 8 years ago!!! We've set a new record - 4 days!

I'll say it again --- It's good to be home!!

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