Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Blog Award

Yea!! My First Blog Award!! Jenna over at "A Slow Change" has awarded me with a Honest Scrap Award.The rules of the award are (and I'm copying this directly from her blog) In order to accept I must post 10 things you might not know about me AND award 4 others.

So let's have at it. 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am absolutely crazy about smores... seriously, I could eat smores every day and never get tired of them. I don't know if this is something people don't know about me or not, it's somewhat obvious to those close to me, but I can't stop thinking about it right now in this moment... so maybe that qualifies as something you don't know.

2. All day today I was thinking about planning a girls get-away with my best friend Jaime. I totally need a get away and I miss her tons. I keep dreaming about grabbing a cup of hot chocolate, curling up on oppposite ends of a couch and having some "deep spiritual" conversation. She (along with our husbands) is one of the only people that will sit and just talk Bible/Religion/Theology stuff with me. I LOVE it!

3. I've always wanted to be famous, but I am deathly scared of being in front of people... go figure

4. If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Israel & Greece - my favorite speaker (Mark Driscoll) is leading a two week tour over my birthday this year and I would LOVE to go but it's just not feasible right now... total disappointment, however, during that time I will be going to see my other favorite speaker Beth Moore, so it almost makes it okay.

5. My big toe is slightly shorter than my "ring toe" (is that what that toe is called)... hmmm... that's something else I could add... I don't know the names of all of the toes

6. If I could hire one job for someone to do for me, it would be cooking, not so much because I hate cooking, I don't, but I find it to be one of the most inconvenient of tasks... it has to be done 3 times a day (a little much), at certain times (totally not flexible), I'm usually hungry when I am doing it which means I am a little rushed and a little moody (I get crabby when I'm hungry). It's something that you not only have to work to do but but you also have to plan it out (in advance). There's just so much involvement and thinking... and the pressure that goes along with it.... you want it to be healthy, but you also want it to taste good, you want new unique dishes but something you don't have to spend too much time doing... I mean seriously.... it's just ALOT! I don't hate it, because when I want to do it I want to do it and I love cooking, but as an everyday task... I just don't like it. Are any of you getting what I'm saying?

7. I get startled VERY easily, which provides my husband (& now my son) with endless entertainment.

8. Right now, as I am typing this, Treyton is playing an Elmo game on his computer and it is the most distracting sound I have ever heard!

9. I have more firstborn tendencies and characteristics than I do middle child, but I am actually the second of four (which makes me a middle child).

10. I LOVE personality type, birth order, learning style, teaching style, love language, psychology stuff. I am ALL over that stuff and read about it too much!! I love studying people and trying to fit them into a "type" I think it's a great way to learn about people and understand the people in your life.

My 4 Nominations for the Honest Scrap Award (in no particular order)

1. For His Glory - Though Jaime is one of my bestest friends, she is also an incredible leader, spiritually inspired, gifted writer and I always love to see what God has lead her to share with us... if you haven't already you MUST head over to her blog and check it out!

2. Daisy and Pear - Catherine over at Daisy and Pear has quickly become a "blogging buddy" for me and though I have never actually met her in real life, I feel like we've known each other for years. I love her blog because quite frankly (besides her creative/artistic style) she is alot like me... I'm learning alot from her.

3. Mom for Him - Jessica, though I am lucky enough to know her personally is an inspiration to many with her uncanny ability to save money and live to tell about it!! I love following her blog because she makes it easy to find all the good deals --- she does most of the dirty work for ya!!

4. Bring the Rain - Angie's blog is actually... ummm... huge... so I know she does not have time to read my blog and I am sure she is not even aware that I or my blog exist, so I wouldn't expect her to accept this award but I have to give the award to her because she deserves it. I actually ran across Angie's blog a week before my nephew died and since that time have gained strength, encouragement and a place to cry at through her blog.... her story is incredible and she is an inspiration. She is not posting as much right now because she is currently in the process of writing a book... which I can't wait to read.

So there it is.... minus Angie's blog I look forward to reading the other three's answers and nominations!!

Thanks for this opportunity Jenna... it was fun!


For His Glory said...

First of all, THANK YOU!!! I'm excited to do mine although I don't know if I can come up with 10 things. So I totally agree with you on 1 &2 so I think the theme of our weekend away should be SMORES Galore!! So I'll bring my calendar this weekend and let's get it in writing before #3 comes along!! Also, we have # 5 in common too ~ must be related to our spiritual connection.

Catherine said...

How fun! Thank you Amber! :) That was really sweet of you. I feel the same way about your blog too. It seems like the Lord has us in very similar places in our spiritual walks. I'm so glad to have "met" you. You are an encouragement to me. :) So I guess I have to think of 10 things about me now, huh? I'm not sure if I'm that interesting! ha!

Lyr said...

Found you through Jenna’s blog and just wanted to stop by and say hello! Congrats on the award, I can see why she picked you! I really like your #10.

Jenna said...

I'm also obsessed with Smores! I love putting a little strawberry slice or banana on them too- OH SO GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

#6, I totalLy see what your saying. Its like heaven is FOREVER.......FOREVER, Im seriously. Only you get what I mean about that