Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Downloadable Audio Book

A while back I blogged about a must-read book by Francis Chan called "Crazy Love". I was more than impressed with this book, on a personal level it really struck a cord in my soul and caused me to re-evaluate some "iffy" areas in my own heart and mind. This book which includes some convicting hard to read rebukes is written with a loving pastoral heart that is certainly felt by the reader.
It calls for a much-needed examination of our hearts, minds and souls. After reading this book, one is no longer be able to claim ignorance of many basic and essential Biblical and saving truths. I consider it an excellent read, one that I recommend to all of you.

And now for the good news...., which offers a free audio book download each month, has partnered with Oasis Audio to bring the best-selling Crazy Love by Francis Chan as this months FREE Audiobook Download.

Starting today you can download this book (for FREE) until the end of July.

I've already downloaded mine and listened to part of it - Francis Chan is actually the one reading his own book which I think is especially nice.

So head over there now and get your FREE audiobook of Crazy Love!!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that the URL isn't working.

Should be

Amber said...

Okay, thanks, it should be working now.