Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prayer for Alexa

Please keep Alexa in your prayers. She woke up this morning with a fever and was throwing up. A while ago while playing Lexie scratched her leg, the scratch itself healed but soon after a bunch of ugly red bumps appeared around where the scratch was, (it's up near her diaper line).
Tim and I had Chiro appointments this morning so we brought it up to Dr. F while we were there and he said it was infected. He went ahead and adjusted her, and gave us a few instructions. Right now, we're allowing the fever to do it's thing (and fight the infection) we're giving her Apple Cider Vinegar, plenty of fluids and also applying Apple Cider Vinegar to the infected area.

So far she hasn't kept anything down that we gave her, but she just took another bottle (after a 2 hour nap and a few pieces of grilled chicken).

Thanks for your prayers!

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