Monday, July 20, 2009


Lexie: (screaming in the car)
Alana: I don't know what to do Lexie....
Treyton: Don't worry, sometimes she's just like that, you're doing all you can

After Skye relayed a cute story to me about Treyton in the plane, Treyton said to her "What did you just say to my mom?"

Today at lunch Treyton was asking for a juice box, I told him that he could have water. He started whining a little bit and I said "That sound like whining, is that whining?" (he can't whine in order to get a magnet for his responsibility chart)
He replied back "Mom, you are totally screwed up" (and then he giggled)

Where did he pick that up from?? (I say alot of things, but that's not usually one of them!)

Mom: I love you
Treyton: I know that, thank you, but I don't like it when you say it
Mom: Okay, but I like saying it, so I will probably say it again sometime
Treyton: Okay

1 minute later
Treyton: I do like that, mom
Mom: I know you do.


I walked outside and heard Treyton talking to himself, he looked up to me and said "I was pretending to talk to a little kid"

Me: Oh yeah?

Treyton: Yeah, I was telling them "all the joy, all the peace, helping people"... all that stuff... but a lot longer

(I absoultely cherish the fact that Treyton uses biblical language with his pretend friends!)


Ashley Skye said...

Oh my goodness your son is the cutest thing ever. I love his heart. It is amazing to hear him talk about the Bible you are doing such an amazing job with him. The things he comes up with are awesome - you cant wait for the next thing to come out of his mouth

Jessica-MomForHim said...

So precious!

By the way, the car is called a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. :-)