Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Treyton's Name

I included this over on our Refined Metals Academy blog but wanted to put it here too because I was so excited about it!!

Today Treyton wrote his name ENTIRELY on his own for the first time!!!

For a while now Treyton has been able to technically write his name when I tell him the letters to write... or if I show him his name he can copy it without any help from me.
Today, I asked him to try to write his name entirely on his own, without seeing it anywhere or me telling him which letter comes next - and he did it!!!

This is such an exciting milestone so of course I took a picture of it!


Anonymous said...

yes Treyton you are the man! Way to go Big Mamma for being such a great teacher to our children.


Tami Jo said... stole my words. Like I was going to say "Treyton you the man!" I love you so much Treyton and am VERY proud of you!

Aunt Tami Jo

Jenna said...

Yay Treyton!!! Go Mom!!!!

Tana said...

Another milestone accomplished with the guidance of his parent, a tiny ounce a growth that gives a feeling of sweet victory! Congratulations, Treyton!

Jenna said...

Hey lady! Left you something on blog! :)