Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on Lexie

Lexie ran a 102.4 ear temperature for most the day yesterday, she hardly ate anything but did well keeping all her liquids down (after Dr. F adjusted her).

She did NOT like the vinegar being put on her infection but recovered fairly quickly.

She slept lots yesterday and got up lots during the night (though she just went back to bed) her fever broke sometime during the night and I think the big problem was just that she was hungry. At 5:15 she woke up and I got her some breakfast amd she went right back to bed.

I think the infection looks less pussy this morning, but it is still there... but with doing natural methods I know it takes a little longer for things to properly heal.

As an added blessing we managed to get through this without giving her her pacifiers back. We took the pacifiers the day after her birthday and so far it's going... okay... naps are typically rough, bedtime is usually fine.

Pray for us as we get through this day, I can already tell Lexie is going to be especially clingy and I am (supposed) to be busy cleaning and packing for a fun filled weekend in the Dells!
Thanks Guys.... you all are the greatest!!


Catherine said...

Hi Amber!
I just read your question on my blog about my new header. I see you have blog makeover ADHD just like me!

Here's a link to my post about my blog makeover. It includes links to where I found all of my blog goodies. I didn't make it myself... I know how to, but it's very time consuming. There's so much blog cuteness out there for free (or very inexpensively), that I figured I'd go that route.

Happy blog makeover-ing!

Anonymous said...


Alexis said...

Love it!!! Very professional looking. Will try to update mine and get the rest of the pics to snapfish soon.

Ashley Skye said...

Oh the poor baby - I hope Lexie is feeling better! Love you