Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby #3 Update - 10 Weeks

We had our first baby appointment yesterday. We had our first ultrasound and then our appointment with the doctor.

It was so exciting to get to see the baby on the U/S machine. The baby actually "waved" during the ultrasound - which was cute but the best part was being able to watch the baby's little heartbeat going... what an absolute miracle. Even though this is #3, it's still as amazing as the first time I saw it.

God is so unbelievable... the miracle of life is, just that, a MIRACLE.

As far as the pregnancy is going - it could be better, it could be worse. I was much sicker with Lexie, but wasn't sick at all with Treyton; this pregnancy has been somewhere in the middle. Lately there has been a little improvement, but I still fill sick about 30 minutes before I eat and about an hour after every meal.... ick.
I am also EXTREMELY tired. I actually don't remember being this tired with the other two, but who knows (my memory isn't what it used to be). I am really looking forward to the 14 week mark, so that I can be officially out of the first trimester!! :~)

All-in-all, I feel very blessed, Tim has really stepped up and took over all the "food department" issues with the home. Many days he will even bring us lunch so I don't have to worry about preparing anything (one of the WORST things for me!!) As sad as it is (right now), it's a good sign when you feel nauseous, it's a sign that the pregnancy is healthy, so... bring it on! We'll get through it!

As a little side note: it seems as though now's the time to be pregnant. Two (2) of my three sisters are expecting as well as one (1) of my sister-in-laws not including the number of friends expecting. Baby is going to have lots of cousins the same age!!


Amy said...

When I mentioned to my OB that I was really tired with #3, he smiled and said "you are chasing two little ones around and you are older now." Isn't that helpful?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Ha! I was going to say the same thing as Amy did! :-)

It is SO cool to see ultrasounds. I don't think it ever loses magic. Babies are truly a miracle from God, each and every one of them. Congrats, and let me know if I can help!

By the way, I really like the new blog name. If it were one of the options before, I probably would have picked it! :-)

tv said...

I was always REALLY tired when I was carrying Ainsley - never had a bit of sickness though. Catch naps when you can ;0) - I know it is hard.