Monday, August 24, 2009

Good News!!

It looks like for those of you who have already signed up for the e-mail subscription that your subscription should transfer over (so you don't have to do anything), however, for those of you using some type of reader you will need to actually change the address in your reader.

So far, the transfer has gone extremely well, and things have switched over easier than I anticipated. I pray it continues to go smoothly. If you notice any bumps please let me know!!


Mommer said...

I'm here with no problems, good job Amber!!

Mommer said...

I forgot to mention, it looks like little peanut has hair. :)

Love you,

For His Glory said...

I made it! Like the new name (though I always liked the old name, too)! Glad to see you up and running. Miss reading your posts.