Friday, August 28, 2009

Princess Updates - 1 Year

I can't believe how long it's been since I updated on Lexie, sadly I know that I have missed so many things that I will never be able to remember again (I can hardly remember this week!!), This post I'm sure will be a little unorganized but I just want to share with you all some of the fun things we are seeing in Alexa every day.
Lexie is learning TONS of new things. It's amazing to watch her personality develop, and not just her personality but she is becoming such a "person" with her own character and qualities... it's amazing to see her develop and grow. It's amazing what you forget in 3 years and the miracle of watching a baby become a toddler - AMAZING!

In general, Alexa is very independent but she still likes to know that there are people around if she needs them. Unlike Treyton at this age, it's not uncommon for her to be off by herself in the corner trying to figure out how a toy works on her own. She is very methodical and mechanical. She loves to figure out how things work and how things go together. She will spend 30 minutes just taking the lid off of something and putting it back on.
She recently developed an attachment with her lamby stuffed animal. I was trying to be careful so that none of the kids would develop dependency on a blankie/stuffed animal. Deliberately rotating them in the crib when they would sleep and having them play with all of them, not just one. I don't really know how it happened but she woke up one morning and refused to get out of the crib without it. She's hardly been a moment without it since. You won't believe my disgust at the fact that lamby is (or perhaps I should say "was") white!! I mean seriously!! A WHITE FLUFFY LAMB - could we ask for something that shows more dirt?!?! I think not! :) I am praying the the family christian bookstore still carries this particular stuffed animal, because as soon as I get there again I would like to pick up a spare (just in case)!!
In other news, Lexie has learned to say 4 words well, "Da-da" "Hi" "Bye" and "Ma-ma" are words that she can and does regularly use. She jabbers all the time and is known to repeat words that we say, but she usually won't do it more than once... she does pray at dinner with us, folding her hands and all, and twice now when Tim said prayer he said "Thank you Jesus, for this day" and she said ~"mumble mumble "day"~ clear as day (pun intended!!) It was so cute. But of course she won't do it on demand!!

Lexie is the best 1 year old dancer ever... even if all she hears is a drum... she's bouncing to whatever beat she can find. She loves music and loves dancing. She doesn't watch TV/movies at all (she's not really interested) but she will slow down to watch a little bit of veggie tales, mostly for their songs. Even in the car she dances as much as she can strapped to a car seat :)

A few days after she turned a year we did take her pacifier away. I was very surprised by how easily it went. After 3 days she hardly remembered she ever used a pacifier! She is an excellent walker - we always get comments from the nursery workers about how balanced and well she walks. She is actually even able to "run" a little bit. She works hard to keep up with Treyton and when dad gets home she "books it" to the door to greet him. She is a big-time Daddy's girl which is such a privilege to see. I love how much she loves her Daddy and how he is able to calm her sometimes, even when I am not :)
Alexa loves little boys!! I think mostly because she's used to the loud abnoxious way that Treyton loves on her - but there's nothing like the energy she is able to deal with and love (compared to most girls her age). We have some really close friends that we hang out with all the time, and they have two boys, (one Treyton's age and one 7) so when our families get together it is the 3 boys and Lexie and the boys are usually all "up" in Lexie's business, loving on her, hugging her and leading her around. She absolutely loves the attention and NO one can get her laughing the ways these boys do!!


tv said...

Could not help but ask ... where did you ever find that CUTE summer dress? Too adorable.

Tami Jo said...

I LOVE the picture of her walking away with her precious!