Monday, August 31, 2009

Updates on our Superhero

Happenings with Treyton
~ At a recent doctor's appointment, Treyton weighed in at 36 pounds!! That was 2 pounds more than we thought.
~ Treyton loves to sing and dance - he turns our living room into "church" almost every day - in order to properly perform we have to put blankets on the floor so that he has a proper "stage"
~ Lately when we go under the bridges Treyton insists that the entire family raise our hands under the vi docks. Lexie will even get into it sometimes. He really gets into this, so if you're ever in the car wi
th him and he starts yelling and grunting... this is probably why!
~ We found out recently (last week) that Treyton is allergic to nuts. It's not a serious allergy in that it's not life-threatening, but it is fairly serious in that he is certainly having strong reactions to them (that we weren't even aware of). When we started getting more "natural" and preventative in our approach to medical treatment we had Treyton x-rayed and found out that his stomach and intestines were very LARGE & swollen. Treyton has always been a good eater so we were a little surprised by what we saw. Dr. P said that it was most likely caused by allergens passed on (by me) through breastfeeding. We are currently changing our lifestyle and visiting Dr. P a couple times a week for adjustments (chiropractic), and Treyton is also taking a supplement that will help reverse the issues with his stomach. Dr. P is confident that we will be able to reverse the allergy in about 6 months to a year.
At this point, Treyton isn't supposed to eat any nuts or really even come in contact with them.

Treyton has grown up SOO fast. I'm amazed by most of the things that come out of his mouth. He is absolutely incredible!! He is the biggest helper. He thrives spending time with mom and dad, and taking care of "baby" (a.k.a Alexa).
This is an awesome age: I love watching Treyton as he is learning to "put things together" in his head and think things through. Some of his conclusions are absolutely hilarious, I'm glad he talks as much as he does because I have the joy of hearing him connecting some rather "interesting" dots!!
Treyton has the most genuine, fun personality! He is fun-loving and authentic. He's a relatively good listener, Tim and I are both proud at how well he is learning to behaves and listen, especially with his higher energy level and shorter attention span. Of course, we have our challenges, but it's great to know that God is faithful and is slowly teaching us how to teach and disciple our son as he is.
One of my favorite things right now that Treyton does is he will say "Talk to me about Jesus". It's inspiring to see his constant hunger and desire to just learn more about the character and life of Jesus. He wants to know everything. The coolest part is, he's fine with reading Bible stories about Him, but most of the time he just wants you to "tell him", to talk to him and tell your own version of the story, he asks lots of questions like "Why did Jesus spit in the dirt, that's yucky right mom, I don't do that?" or "That would be really high to come down from the roof, huh?" He really experiences and lives through the stories. What an opportunity we have right now. We don't take it lightly! It's a phenomenal blessing.

Tonight at dinner Dad asked Treyton if he liked his taco salad, Treyton said "It's not too bad."

One day I was sitting on the couch, and wasn't feeling particularly well. Treyton came over to me and said "Princess, you feel sick?"

Treyton went to go visit my sister one night and when he went to leave I said "I'm really going to miss you when you gone" and he said "Come on mom, I be gone a little while, I be back tomorrow... don't be sad... it not long."
To which I replied the only way I could
"You're right, Treyton, you're so smart. Have a really fun time and I will see you tomorrow."

When did he grow up?!?!?
Treyton turned 4 years old this week, the night before his birthday Tim and I were tucking him in and telling him how this was the last night he would ever be 3 and how tomorrow he would be 4. He was excited about getting "bigger" (but he doesn't appreciate being called "older").
The next day, on his actual birthday, he received lots of phone calls and birthday wishes (thank you everyone) and every time people would ask how old he was... he really enjoyed telling everyone he was 4. Sometime during the day I heard him say "I'm 4 now" holding up 4 fingers "one more finger and I'll be 5"
Too cute!!

At my sister's wedding reception earlier this month, Treyton got stung by a bee for the first time. It was quite a shock to his psyche for several reason.
One of the first things he said (after he stopped screaming) was "I'm not a superhero anymore, because I can't save people from bees." It broke my heart but Tim and I were quick to assure him that even superheroes get hurt sometimes. It took a few days, but his superhero mentality returned with only a minor scrape.
The second thing he said was "Why did that bee sting me, bees suppsed to be nice." After I started to think about it, it really would be confusing for a little guy. Everywhere he has seen bees in books and in his movies, bees are nice and accepted as just "another bug" we've never wanted to scare him about bees, though we did tell them to avoid them and that they would "sting" but I guess it never really sunk in until he experienced it.
It was a fairly traumatic experience for him, but all in all he's come out a better prepared, smarter superhero. It was a hard lesson too learn but a lesson learned he won't soon forget.
I was talking to Treyton about the new baby and he asked "Why are you having a new baby?"
Me: I'm having a new baby because God gave us this baby - and daddy and I wanted another baby. We love you and Lexie so much that we wanted to have another baby to give you another brother or sister.
Treyton: We will have 5!
Me: 5 Babies!! I don't know about that, we'll have to see what God give us.
Treyton: No, not 5 babies. Daddy, Mommy, Treyton, baby and baby

Treyton usually calls Alexa, baby or baby lexie, I'm not sure what will happen with the new baby...


Jessica-MomForHim said...

That is so funny about calling Alexa "baby". We always call our youngest "baby" until we are pregnant with the next one, then we decide we'd better get used to calling her by her name since there will be a new baby soon!

A new friend came over one day and we told her F's name. She came to us later and she said, "Her name isn't F, it's baby! That's what they all call her!" Too true! :-)

Tracey said...

Love that Spiderman costume! Great pictures and memories!

Mommer said...

I love reading your updates on my adorable Grandchildren... my superhero and my little princess, and to think I have another on the way. Thanks for being such a great Mom to my grand-babies.

Love, Mommer