Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Minnesota Trip

This last weekend we headed up to Minnesota for a mini-vacation.

Our first stop was the Mall of America - the Underwater Aquarium

Our Little Treasure

The Nickelodeon Universal Studios was definitely a highlight for Treyton. This was one of his favorite rides: Swiper's Sweeper. It looks like it goes slow, but around the corners it really swoops you around - it was a shock for Treyton the first time, and it looked so fun Tim had to try it!

Mommer & Lexie at the aquarium

Our family at Nickelodeon studios

My favorite ride was the log ride... though it was extremely scary. There were no seat belts or any type of protective thing to hold you into the ride... thrilling to say the least.

This is Treyton trying on some cute hats... and don't ask me why but that's Tim's shoe :)

Treyton and I on the carousel

On Friday we headed to the Minnesota Zoo.

Watching the prairie dogs with dad

Lots of walking, luckily dad came to the rescue.

Modeling on the bench... too cute.

The coolest part of our visit was that the bears were VERY active there were actually two bears wrestling in the water right in front of the glass - way cool!! I could have stayed there all day and watched them.

Our friends that so graciously allowed us to stay with them for four nights, also invited us out to their family cabin on a lake. We had such a fun time!!

Lexie doesn't always love the water, but this particular day she did great!

Treyton went tubing for the first time ever with dad. As you can see in the picture he loved it (giving me a thumbs up). Tim later tried to water ski to no avail, but 4 days later is still suffering from the soreness.... he says that's the last time he does that :~)

Splashing in the water, trying to get Nate!

Pretty Girl Lexie smiling for the camera.

Funny Hats

My accessorizing daughter.

Lexie got some new clothes (and hats) from the Mall, I just LOVE 'em!

Big Smiles from the big sister!

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