Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEW Zoo & Treytonism

We met some friends of ours (that moved away and we haven't seen in FOREVER!!) at the NEW Zoo today. It was so awesome to see them, and the kids had a great time playing and seeing all the animals.

This is Treyton at the Penguin cage

If you notice in Treyton's hand, I made him (and his friends) a little scavenger hunt worksheet for the zoo. Treyton was pretty proud of it, showing it to dad as soon as he got home.
Lexie absolutely loved the animals, especially the ones she could touch. I'm excited, because animals is one of the first "things" she shown so much interest in... I can do animals!!

We went to the zoo today and on the way home we picked up some lunch.
Treyton was asking me a question I didn't quite understand. I thought he was saying:
"Why do you like juicy?" or "why is it juicy?"
I kept asking him to repeat himself, which he did, but eventually we were both getting a little frustrated, but he refuse to let it drop.
Finally I said try to tell me something about it... and he said:
"You go there alot, why do you go to the ____ alot?"
To which I replied "SUSHI?!?!"
Treyton: Yeah!! Sushi!! Why do you go to Sushi alot?
Me: Cause I like sushi
Treyton: Why didn't you understand me mom, that wasn't a hard question?
Me: Sometimes people don't understand other people, that's why sometimes I ask you "Do you understand me?" when I am trying to explain something important to you.

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