Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Priceless Videos... Man, I love my kids!

This is my kids at lunch today... there must be something in the air because they hardly finished their lunch before they started singing and dancing for church (as Treyton calls it).... It reminds me once again how much I love our church, Treyton has learned that he is free to express himself in anyway he wants and it can bring glory to God!!

You have to excuse the mess, we're packing... and we literally just ate lunch. And as far as how the kids are dressed... um yeah... priorities, I don't plan on giving them baths until the last minute :) You never know what they're going to get into (can you see Lexie's face in the video... it's covered in tomato sauce... it's a beautiful thing... FREEDOM!)


Tami Jo said...

OH MAN!!!! You just can't get any cuter than that! Next time I come over I definitely want to come to Schoessow Church!

For His Glory said...

Okay, I love the new blog and all but where's the music??? I use your set for worship music!

Kids Music said...

Interesting Videos!!