Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Darling Alexa

This weekend I went to Women of Faith up in St. Paul. It was such a blast and I learned alot - I hope that I will have some time a little later to update you all to some of the awesome things I got out of it.

For now, I just wanted to post a few pictures that Tim snapped of Lexie while I was away (he always gets the cutest pics!!)

Lexie is 15 months old now. She is growing so fast. She isn't saying too much - same 4 words she's been saying with a few new surprise words every now and then, but nothing regular. She loves Treyton's school and I really look forward to the time that I will be able to do some real school with her.

For right now we are primarily just reading books, working on body parts, and I have a few tot-school motor skill tools I use with her (I will actually be posting soon on our refined metals site about a few of them).
She LOVES music and is actually starting to learn the ABCs song just by repetition. She knows "I" for sure and can sing it almost every time she hear's the song. When I work with Treyton on the sounds that letter makes she is not shy about helping out!! Especially with the letter B /b/!
Alexa uses our refrigerator magnet toys way more than Treyton ever did and probably her favorite thing to do is carry them around making the sing the same song OVER and OVER and OVER again... it's a trip!

As far as her personality... she's a true girl! Some days she's laid back and relaxed taking life in stride other days she's a little go-getting firecracker! She is a really good girl and is learning to listen well, but certainly has her little attitudes, and her worst fault is major drama when things don't go her way. (Side note: it's interesting to see the differences between the two kids - Treyton certainly pitched LOUDER fits than Lexie but much less often, but Treyton was much more likely to directly disobey a "no" at this age whereas Lexie rarely continues once you tell her no, but she is MUCH more dramatic and quick to pout when anything does not go just her way.)

There has been a switch in her family member roles lately - She is still Daddy's little girl, but lately has also been a little mama's girl (took long enough :~)) Mama is now who she wants went she is hurt or sick. She is much more likely to pick a parent according to who told her no last, whereas before Daddy was always the apple of her eye.
Lexie LOVES to wave good-bye and she is almost always the first family member to greet anyone at the door. She's loves to come and go and is a busy body by nature (more like her dad than Treyton and myself).

She is becoming quiet independent - this weekend Tim taught her to grab her own diaper and wipes for diaper changes as well as to throw them away. If someone is getting ready to leave, she goes and grabs her shoes and if she can reach it her hat. It's so fun to watch her figuring things out on her own.

She is also a great little helper - she likes to sweep, do laundry and can also pick up her own toys (when she wants to).

I'm sure there is so much more I could tell you but my time is up (for now). I'll try to write again soon, as she is changing so quickly I don't want to miss a thing!!

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For His Glory said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks! She is absolutely beautiful and I'm glad she has a family that appreciates her beauty. Give her a big hug from me.