Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who is Treyton?

His name means three or third, and so he is in our family. The third member (after mom and dad).

He is a helper of all, lover of God, inquisitive learner, energetic wrestler, sensitive older brother, imaginative player, craft enthusiast, (newly learned) independent seat belt buckler, cabinet door washer, favor-er of orange, dis-liker of yellow, couch climber, letter learner, compassionate nurturer, phone answerer, fake-smile picture taker, laugher of the simple, crazy dare-devil, miracle worker pray-er, mail getter, veggie tales fan, learner of Jesus and first-year Christmas choir member.

I really didn't have time to put a long post on here, but had on my heart to share a little bit about our four year old, first-born son, Treyton.

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Tami Jo said...

That was beautiful Amber! I absolutely love your four year old first-born son (AKA: my nephew!)

I love you Treyton!!!