Monday, November 2, 2009

Alexa - Too Fast

This past weekend we went and bought Lexie her own big girl bed. It's going to take about 6 weeks for it to come in - which will hopefully give me enough time to warm up to the idea that she's moving out of the crib.
Treyton switched over a little after 18 months because he nearly climbed out of the crib and freaked me out. He transitioned SOOO well. It was like nothing hardly happened for him. He fell out of his bed only a few times (even with the rail) and wouldn't get up out of bed even though he could and he HATED going to bed. I pray that the transition goes as well for Lexie.
She is 16 months now and by the time the bed gets here she will be 17.5 months. The baby will be here in March (about 20 months), everything I read says do your best not to take things from one child and give them to the new baby to close to when baby comes, it can cause jealousy between the older child and new baby.
I tried to transition Treyton the same way when Lexie came and it went PERFECT - I couldn't have asked for more acceptance from Treyton towards his new little sister, so I figure why change an effective system?
We have Lexie's mattress in her room now just next to her crib for her to get used to - so far she has loved jumping on it and laying on it with her dolls and animals. I am still shopping for bedding so right now she just has a lovely mattress :~)

Wow... how time flies!

Oh yeah, and in other Lexie news: she managed to take her own shirt off for the first time yesterday! One minute she had it on, she had spilled some water on herself so I went to get another shirt, when I came back into the room she already had the wet shirt off!! Then this morning when I went to get her out of her crib she had one arm out through the neck of her shirt. Treyton learned to take his own shirt off about 6 months ago! I was kind of expecting it though, for the last several months Lexie has been "helping" get herself dressed an undressed - offering a leg when it was time or pushing her own arms through her shirt.... again, Treyton didn't start this until he was well over two. Also, my niece, Shayla was taking all of her clothes off and putting them back on (during her "naps") when she was about two - my mom or sister would go in to get her and she would have her shirt on backwards or inside out! It's truly amazing the differences in development between boys and girls and even just different children.... I can only wonder what this next baby will be like!

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She just plain amazes me!