Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All About Treyton: November 2009 Edition

I feel like it's been forever since I've done a family update post.... (I was going to put us all in here, but after I finished doing Treyton I realize I just had too much to say for one post... go figure)

Treyton: Is now 4 years old going on 10 (!) I can't believe the changes we've seen in him since he's turned 4!

school: I started teaching Treyton 4-year old preschool at home in September, which you can follow at our refined metals blog (for those of you interested there is an e-mail subscriber sign-up over there as well). We don't have a set schedule but a typical week of school for us is 4/5 days about 2 hours a day. We work on a letter a week, though the past two weeks we have been doing two letters a week. We are almost finished with the curriculum I had gotten (for the year!!) and will start on the next level soon. Treyton has blown my mind with what he is capable of and his desire to learn, I will be honest, I didn't see it coming! He is flying through the stuff I have for him and what I thought would take us all year will probably only get us through the first 1/2 of the year.

~ He can now recognize 46 of the 52 letters (both upper and lower)
~ Can count rote to 12
~ Can count to 29
~ Knows basic shapes and can duplicate/draw any of them
~ Can write numbers 1-5
~ Can write nearly all the letters he recognizes... again this is upper and lower case.
~ He is learning to blend sounds (beginning phonics), and can read the "at" family (cat, bat, rat, mat, sat, etc.)
~ Memorized daddy's work number
~ Knows approximately 15 states on the U.S map (I say the name he points them out)
~ His coloring and artistic ability are AMAZING (if you ask me), and his ability to follow detailed instruction has developed tremendously this year
~ One of his favorite facts that he learned this year (thanks to dad) is that Alligators can not stick out their tongues!

I'm sure I'm leaving some things out but those are the basics that I can come up with (on the spot).

Developmentally Treyton is also doing well - he is so unbelievably helpful, always willing to do anything mom or dad needs and is able to complete most tasks around the house without any help at all. This may seem like a strange "update" but it's just amazing to me to watch my "baby" turn into a child who is both responsible and capable.
One of his favorite big boy jobs is getting the mail (all by himself).
He helps cooks EVERY night, there has been twice in the last month that I specifically had to ask to cook by myself (for a little break) but otherwise Treyton (and now often Lexie too) have their stools in the kitchen helping dad and/or I cook - let me tell you - our little kitchen fills up quick!
Even as I am writing this, Treyton came in and asked if he could get a rag and washcloth and wash the tables and chairs... "to help you" (his words) - right now he is cleaning a bar stool.

Personality: My absolute favorite thing to talk about when it comes to Treyton is his heart. I am obviously a bit prejudice when it comes to him (I am his mom and all) but many friends and family members have also commented so I feel safe saying: He has the most incredible, sensitive heart I know! He is so loving and caring. There are times that his sensitivity is just overwhelming too me (in a good way). Part of me wants to protect it but I know that nurturing is a much better way! He loves with everything he has, he is SUPER loyal and defends the ones he loves without persuasion.

I love watching him with Lexie - the other day for example we had some friends over and I had given the kids a snack. Lexie likes to "share" with others but in reality she doesn't want you to eat it all because she will probably want it back. After Lexie had given nearly her entire snack away Treyton piped in and said "Mom, Lexie is giving all her snack away, I told her to stop but she doesn't understand." (now Lexie was giving her snack too Treyton and his friend so it's not like Treyton was feeling left out). "Mom, we need to make sure and give her back the ones that are hers, right?"
It doesn't matter who it is, or even if they are a threat, or if Lexie deserves it :) Treyton will defend Lexie from anyone. It's awesome!

Typically speaking Treyton is very obedient, he is a typical first-born people pleaser, and while this worries me some, it is easy to teach him and most negative behavior is modified quickly and easily without much resistance.

Fun stuff:
Treyton's favorite things right now are
~ singing loudly - live performances (referred to as "church" by Treyton) are put on in our house on a daily basis. Treyton likes to use blankets in the middle of the living room floor as his stage and will use a screwdriver from his tool bench as his microphone. He dances, does magic, "teaches" from the Bible and most often SINGS (as loud as his lungs and mom and dad) will allow him.
~ watching movies - Treyton isn't much into TV shows, he usually requests to watch movies. He has "long ones" (your typical disney type movies) and "short ones"
~ bridges - this has gotten slightly less common but when we are driving Treyton will lift his hands up (and usually wants you to join him) under every bridge viaduct.
~ arts & crafts - Treyton loves arts & crafts. Drawing, writing, coloring, painting, play-doh, moon sand, window art, you name it, Treyton will more than likely enjoy it.
~ typical boy - he loves most boy stuff, like loud noises, demolition, building, wrestling, wrestling and wrestling. He is energetic and active ALL of the time but is manageable. We don't have alot of "rules" in regards to rough housing so he is always coming up with new ways to defy natural gravity or do "tricks" - just this morning while he was showering he thought it would be a good idea to stand on the side of the shower and jump down into the shower.... let's just say a slippery tub floor and 4-year old feet have barely if any friction between them, so what you would imagine to happen, happened.
~ games - he loves all games, but doesn't get to do them as often now that Lexie is more interested in them. we try to save these for when she is napping.
~ he no longer takes naps which was sad for me at first but something I've gotten used to. He goes to bed much easier and better at night which is a nice plus for the small sacrifice.

Upcoming News:
~ Treyton is going to be in his first ever Christmas Musical at our church - this may seem small to some but it seems monumental to me.
~ Treyton is excited about welsoming another sister into the family and says that he is really glad he is not a girl so that he doesn't ever have to have a baby in his tummy.

Want More?
Treyton is hilarious - I don't remember to write as much down as I used to but his "treytonisms" keep me laughing ALL the time. There will be some more Treytonisms coming soon!
~ If you want to read more about Treyton I post (at least weekly) on him at the refined metal academy blog just in our updates on schools, there are lots of pictures and stories over there that should keep you entertained for hours.


Alana Wiemann said...

When is his Christmas play? I better see a video of that! that is so exciting!~

Tami Jo said...

I had to hold back tears. I just love hearing about Treyton...everytime I see him - he just melts my heart. Treyton - I love you SO much!

Aunt Tami Jo