Wednesday, November 11, 2009

His Part & Our Part in Victory

I spent some time this morning reflecting on a section of scripture in Deuteronomy 31. The verses were the some of the last of Moses to the nation of Israel regarding them taking possession of their promised land. In my own personal walk I am seeing alot of "promised land" talk and referral everywhere I turn, so it was another beautiful confirmation this morning when the Lord pointed me to this place in scripture.

I would really encourage you to read the first 7 verses of chapter 31, they're all good but for our purposes I'm just going to write out two of them here (verse 3 & 6).
"The LORD your God Himself will go over before you. He will destroy these nations before you, so that you shall dispossess them." "Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you."
We all have our own promised land, the place of victory and blessing that God has for us, this side of heaven. I truly believe that. Personally, I don't know what all mine entails but I can tell you this: it is a place where I have fear only in God and not in other things. Fear has been a struggle of mine for a long time and while I have had areas of defeat over it (like the fear of death), but I know that God is faithful in fulfilling complete victory in the entire area of fear in my life.

I love how this scripture clearly states that God will go BEFORE the Israelites (and before us as we enter our promised land) but it also clearly states we have a part to play. We must "dispossess them". I looked up the original meaning of dispossess in Strong's and some of the meanings listed for the original Hebrew word "to seize, dispossess, take possession of, inherit, disinherit, occupy, impoverish, be an heir, to destroy, bring to ruin, disinherit"

Our part involves an action of seizing, of kicking out and settling down!! And if you recall exactly what this meant for the Israelites, it involved some fighting, it involved some serious praying (recall Joshua asking the Lord to hold the sun still for 3 days until they could defeat their enemy), it involved some resistance from a defeated enemy. But the Bible tells us that the Lord went before them, and I believe that to be true, how else could this small, weak, doubtful nation have become one of victory?!?! They went in KNOWING that they KNOW that they were the winners. There was no question. All they needed to do was to be obedient and to follow their Captain into the promised land!!

Beloved, that's where I want to be. I'm confident that you do to.

So let's claim these verses for our own lives and the lives of our family. Our lives are filled with uncertainty and pain, no doubt about it, but we also serve a God who is far above anything we can ever comprehend and we can KNOW that we KNOW that He is on our side, not only fighting our battles with us but that they are ALREADY won! Praise God! We may not know what it all looks like, we may not like how it all looks at first, but victory is coming and possession is ours to take.

Let's storm the promised land with confidence!!!!

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karen hopkins said...

WOW! I came across your Journey of Grace tonight, and was so encouraged by the depth of your posting here. I look forward to reading more of the awesome truths that our Lord has given you, Amber.. You truly have blessed my heart tonight in the depth of your love for God, and how you share that in your writing.. God bless you, sister!