Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's a Classifier to do?

Last week I posted the most adorable video of Treyton playing with what we thought to be a ladybug.
Later that evening my mother called me beside herself with the cuteness of the video and one small teaching moment for her lifetime student (me). "By the way" she says "it was probably an asian beetle that Treyton was playing with, not a lady bug. Asian beetles are more common, usually have more of an orangey color and another way you can tell is that if it is a ladybug their dots should be symmetrical."

"Interesting" I say, and I pass the information on to Treyton (who could care less).

So this morning I'm sitting here working on lesson plans for the next "spurt" of school and I look down and there crawls.... a lady bug.... or is it an asian beetle?

I lean in to take a closer look:

it's more of an orangey color so I'm thinking asian beetle
then I look at the spots and they are symetrical!

So which is it - asian beetle or lady bug?
What is a classifier to do when a situation such as this arises? 

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Catherine said...

Hehe :) Well, I vote for ladybug because of the dots. Ladybugs can actually be different colors (yellow, orange, red, etc).

The ladybugs we raised last year were born yellow and they quickly turn orangey and then red. So you were probably either looking at a young ladybug or one that is truly orange. :)

Here's a question though - they're supposed to hibernate from October to March (or so I thought). So why are we finding them everywhere in our yard also??? :)