Friday, December 18, 2009

Alexa's Update December 2009

After I wrote my update on Treyton I promised that I would update on Lexie, I see now that it took me longer than I originally expected.

Hair Talk
Alexa is growing by leaps and bounds - I think the biggest change that I get from people who don't see her all the time is her hair!! From no where she seems to have developed longer, thicker hair than what she has had. It's beautiful hair but being uncut and untrained, most days it looks a little out of control and in her face - it bothers me, but doesn't seem to make a bit of difference to her.
She does let me do her hair, but I'll be honest, this is not my area of expertise. Growing up with three sisters, they were usually the ones doing my hair. My sister's daughter ALWAYS has a nice straight part for her pig tails and/or sprouts, Lexie has NEVER had a straight part! It's just the way it is for me, I keep working on it, but at this point Alexa doesn't give me much time to improve - it's "in and out".
I love her hair best in barretts but she is still taking those out so needless to say we are still working with "the sprout" she has had a ponytail a few times which dad has asked for, for over a month (I wasn't ready for a big girl ponytail!) she looks absolutely adorable, but I have failed to take a picture of it quite yet and she could certainly use a little more length to help it out :)

Wow... who knew I had all that to say about Alexa's hair?!?!

Words & Vocabulary 
In other updates Lexie is starting to talk!! This is the cutest thing to here as a parent. Words that she says when asked or if she is repeating you:
Cookie & Cooking - it started as cooking but now it's usually cookie!
"kay" (=okay)
Lamb-y (sometimes)
More (along with the sign language... this usually just means food... I'm hungry!)
She has several other sayings I have hear VERY clearly but she doesn't repeat them on a regular basis so I'm refraining from "adding them to the list" yesterday Tim asked her "Can you say Papa?" and she said CLEARLY "Can't say that".... it was so cute!

~ Lexie is getting much better with people, she isn't as frightened or turned off most of the time. She still can choose to be a stinker and may or may not scowl at you, but more often than before she is warming up with people when they come over
~ Alexa got her little toenails painted for the first time on Tuesday of this week. She LOVES them.
~ She is a copier, she watches people very closely and will try to mimic almost anything, especially her big brother Treyton!
~ She has learned major body parts (mouth, eyes, nose, ears, belly button) this is hit or miss though if she is willing to cooperate with the "game" at the time you ask... you know how it goes! ;)
~ She has all four of her molars in and I missed it.... I swear they just all popped through at the same time, and I was oblivious to it until they were "well through" oh well... I marked it down as 12/1 because I saw them that week, but I'm pretty sure they were around before that... oh well!
~She loves to climb.... on ANYTHING... but mostly the dining room table when no one is looking - here is a picture of her on the little kid table.

~ Alexa's favorite things:
* stuffed lamby (she has two that she enoys but "lamby" is still her number one. She does not seem to prefer lambs over other animals, just her stuffed animals. In fact she almost always picks another animal when given the option,
* sitting in chairs by her self, usually eating a snack or reading, she loves my quiet time chair and will just crawl up.... looking all small, and rock. Hands on the arm rest - adorable!
* Reading - she loves books, she loves to read by herself or with people, especially mommy or Treyton. (Yes big brother Treyton reads to Lexie often) The other day Lexie woke up crabby from her nap and Treyton said to her "If you're a big girl Lexa I will read you a story".... it didn't work but it was cute!
* Cooking with the family - we cook together as a family for most meals, not always by choice, but both the kids adore being in the kitchen with us, up on their stools.
* Dancing, singing and loud music. I have no idea where my kids developed their passion for performance (neither Tim nor I possess it) but we do love music and so do our kids. The sad thing is that we know absolutely nothing about it other than if we like the sound or not. I hope to one day develop their love of music into something educational but for now it's just a favorite past-time!

There is so much more I could say but I here Treyton's little feet coming across the kitchen floor to my bedroom to "wake me up" so it's time to punch out!


Anonymous said...

So when you hear the little foot steps coming,i think it's time to punch in, not out. Time to get going Big Mamma. I love you, great update on Lexie she is awesome, thank you God for blessing us with #2!


Tami Jo said...

She is just so adorable!!!

Deborah Ann said...

My grandaughter refuses to wear her hair back too. She's growing out her bangs, and they're constantly in her eyes. And she's seven!

Lexie is adorable. I love that picture with the apron and chocolate-covered beater. Too cute!

Amber said...

You're right babe, I should have said "punching in".... too cute!

Mandi Miller said...

Your daughter is just adorable!

Stop by my blog when you get a chance... I have an award for you!!

Tina said...

HI! Just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog, I LOVE it!!
I love finding other Christian mom's out in bloggy land!

(LEXIE is just too adorable, have a Merry Christmas!)