Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall Into Reading: I'm not Wonder Woman but God Made me Wonderful

Fall into Reading continues... as it draws near it's end I am hopeful that I will have one more book read and post written by the 21st.

The latest book I finished is "I'm not Wonder Woman but God Made me Wonderful" by Sheila Walsh - I actually finished it a while ago but it's taken me forever to post on it.

I have seen Sheila Walsh several times at the Women of Faith conferences so it was actually a little strange reading her book... I could still hear her Scottish accent... kind of cool.... kind of freaky :)

The overall message of the book was that somewhere along the way we, as women, have set ourselves to live a fulfill a role that is both unrealistic and unbiblical. And through doing this we begin to wear baggage that wasn't intended for us (fear, disappointment, insecurity, shame, etc).
Sheila starts the book by discussing some of these areas of bondage/baggage and moves on from there to some ways to move past the life we've been living into the victorious "real" life God has called us to and the third section of the book is based on the "clothes" that God has for us (some of these include, a new way of thinking, guarding our heart, feeding our spirit, etc.)

Certain chapters affected me far more than others, and I would think this is normal, we all have our "areas" don't we? One that certainly touched me deeply was near the end of the book in a chapter called 'A Strand of Pearls' I will guard my heart. Some of the quotes I underlined in this chapter were:
"I believe that when God has our heart, really has it, when there is nothing in life more important than serving and loving Him, only then do we feel really alive.... we were made to be fully alive, engaged, committed, and when we are not, we can get into all sorts of trouble." 

"God wants more than our time and our efforts; He wants us. He wants us to be fully engaged with Him in the matter of living and loving rather than just ticking jobs of a long to-do list." 

"No matter how faint our desire is to change or how weak our resolve, if we will come to our Father as we are and ask Him to rekindle our hearts with fire for Him, He will do it." 

"That vast grey area of justification and negotiation has always been there. Compromise can easily be confused with grace, but they are not the same." 

I wanted to take alot more time to go through some of the other aspects of the book, but for now, this will have to do. I would recommend this book. It is simpler reading than some of the other books that I have recently read, but packs just as big of a message.

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Alexis said...

This book has been sitting on my shelf for several years now - maybe I should read it!!!