Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally... My To-Do List

Okay, so here it is, a while ago I was very much inspired by steadfast at home to create and post a to-do list. However, I wasn't inspired enough. Then when Virginia joined in over at Roger's Family Blog I thought, yes, I am definitely going to do it.... well, it's been a little while now and FINALLY I am going to start putting my list together. There are several things that I want to get done before March when Audrey arrives, so there's no time like the present to get the ball rolling.

1. Clean out, sort and get rid of some of the kids toys. 
This is something I started to do the other day after the first part of our Christmas started with extended family. Out with the old, in with the new, rotate the best! Some toys need to be moved from Treyton down to Alexa and from Alexa down to Audrey. Some need to be put in the "toy" closet for general play and some need to be put in the basement in the "play area" (this is also the toys that get "rotated" back upstairs every so often)

2. Clean out the Bathroom Closets and Drawers 
For some reason, our bathrooms seem to "fill" up with partially full bottles of stuff, travel size cosmetics we hardly ever use, and many other unnecessaries. This needs to be cleaned out and sorted

3. Plan and write out Treyton's Phonics Program 
After much thought, observation and consideration I have decided that Treyton is ready to begin an actual phonics/reading program. He now knows the sound of all his consonants (though he struggles with a couple harder ones, he can usually get them eventually). We will be starting Explode the Code book 1 after the first of the year. I also have Bob Books set 1, Happy Phonics, and various worksheets and printables that I would like to use and incorporate as hands-on supplements. This all needs to be planned out (to an extent) and brought to the "front" to be used. I have much research and organization to do for this next step in school.

4. Make Audrey's name blocks
Each of the kids have their name displayed in their bedroom (since birth) Alexa and Treyton's are both on the wall but with Audrey I decided I wanted to make blocks to put on a little shelf (super adorable) but I still need to make them. Along with  this one I would like to make a set of our last name to display in the L.R.

5. Picture Frames for Alexa and Audrey's room
We recently upgraded Lexie to a big-girl room and set up the nursery, the only thing left we have to do really is get the frames for both rooms and fill them with pictures (Audrey's pictures will not be filled until after she arrives)

6. Clean out my clothes closest 
Does this need explanation? This just needs to be done sometimes!!

7. Discuss, plan and implement ideas for future school room, basement, home, etc.

This one basically is in the "beginning stages" - to be honest we don't know what we want as far as the next few years and our house - are we here for a while (like 3-5 years)? do we want to move in a year and half? do we want to build in a year and a half?
If we stay here we will be finishing off our basement (with at least school room, play room, guest bedroom and guest bathroom) - if we move we will NOT be finishing off the basement so there isn't much planning for here but if we decide we want to build, this is also something that needs to be researched, planned, discussed.

8. Clean out game closet 

9. Begin planning garden for next summer 
What do I want to plant? How much of each thing do I need to plant? How much space will I need? When will I need to start?

10. Paint Living Room 
We painted the Living Room purpley brown and I really like it, but it's just too much for me, I want a sagey/olive green a brown, or maybe even a maroon color instead... this may need to wait until the spring but to be honest I would really like to see it done before Audrey comes, if that's possible.

11. Catch up on Scrapbooking 
I'm a little ways behind but it shouldn't take more than a devoted weekend (by both me and my hubby) to catch myself up!

12. Watch Tedd Tripp's Videos from Mars Hill Parenting Conference with Tim 

13. Move Big White Wardrobe thing downstairs from entryway 
This one is more for Tim (I'm not moving anything) but he can't do this without help so arrangements may need to be made (which would be my job)

14. Make a list of all of our family's favorite meals
This would make weekly menu planning much easier for me, and I keep telling myself I am going to do it.... but I never do. My friend even made me a list of her family's favorite meals to give me inspiration, and I STILL haven't done my own - now is the time!

15. Sort goodwill v. garage sale stuff from the boxes we have downstairs 
I have several growing boxes of stuff that we are getting rid of, some of it could some-day be great garage sale stuff that I'm not willing to just give away but other stuff can go straight to good will... the pile is relatively small so this would be easy if I do it now.

16. Print off "family updates" from the blog and add to kids journals 
This is something that I haven't done for about a year!! I have a WAYS to go back - then copy and paste them to a word document that I then print out to put into their journal notebooks I started for them when they were born.... augh.... I don't look forward to this one!

Okay, I am sure I have more, but for now this is it - I will be updating and adding to this list I am sure!! But for now... I think I have enough to get me started.

If any of you decide to join in the fun, let me know, I would LOVE to see what you all are doing!! (It helps remind me of the things I wanted to do:))


Catherine said...

Yes! You need to watch Tedd Tripp's videos. Awesome, awesome, awesome! (Did you see that post on my blog?)

~Catherine :)

Mommer said...

I agree with most, living room wall not to sure of, I really like the color. I know my vote don't count for much but I thought I would throw in my two cents worth.

Virginia Lee said...

So glad you did this! You reminded me of the garden. We want to try Square Foot Gardening this year. I need to get that book and plan so we can see what the cost would be.

I can't believe you have so much energy while you are pregnant to do all of this. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

Virginia Lee said...

Oh, also meant to say, you will be so glad if you make that meal list. It helps me big time in meal planning and grocery list making. These are two things that I do not like doing, so the list is great. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Great list! It feels like it is taking me forever to finish my list, but having it posted (and then blogging about it) helps me so much! *Ü*