Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Link Clickin'

It's been a while, but here are some links that I've been saving up for you!! 

Children and Homeschooling Resources 
Free Bible Verse Minibooks for kids by Bible Story Printables
Teaching Your Child to Read for Free by Snail's Trail
ABC & 123 Sight Word Games for Teaching your child to Read
Make Handmade Paper 
How to make your own play-doh at home 
Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint at Daisy and Pear 

Just for Fun
What Lies Beneath - an amazing picture of what an iceberg really looks like 
Life Expectancy Calculator - interesting

Frugal Antics of a Harried Housewife posted on Home Canned Pizza Sauce - this looks yummy - something I want to try next summer!
How to Peel a Hard boiled Egg in Seconds - a video
13 Ways to Liven up Your Food 

Articles from some of my favorite Leaders/Teachers 
Weighty words on the Meaning of the Husband's Headship by John Piper
John Piper on Reading and Studying the Bible
Seeing our Shame: The Fuel of True Love for God by John Piper 

Everything by John Piper. Ever. posted at the Resurgence
Recommended Resources for Parents and Children by Cornerstone Church (Francis Chan's church) 
Download a Free Book "Pastor Dad" by Mark Driscoll
Why Does God Test us If He already Knows the Answers?
Mark Driscoll on Pride 
Epic and Intimate by John Eldredge

Natural Living& Health
Where Does Your Food Come From? 
The Effect of Sugar on your Health
Ideas on Eating Organic without Breaking the Bank by MckMama 

“Satan does not mind family values–as long as what you ultimately value is the family. Satan does not mind social justice–as long as you see justice as most importantly social. Satan does not tremble at a Christian worldview. He will let you have a Christian worldview as long as your ultimate goal is viewing the world.” Quote by Russell Moore

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Deborah Ann said...

Great links. I see John Piper's name a few times here...I love him. I think I have all his books.

Love that quote too! True that.