Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lots of Christmas Pictures... already!

I wanted to clean off my camera before tomorrow, we've been busy taking pictures of the kids today so I thought I would go ahead and post a few of them now before I get too overwhelmed and behind so here it goes:

I'm sorry but I'm not afraid to admit I have the cutest kids in the WORLD!

I love this picture because this is Alexa's smile... there is nothing like it - you can't even see her eyes and she almost always cocks her head like that... adorable! And while I am at it I must comment on the fact that Treyton seems to finally be coming out of the 'scary fake smile' stage... yikes!

 They really do love one another!! 

Big kisses

I think this is Tim's favorite "the strangle hold" he calls it! Lexie in the next picture (that I'm not posting is laughing)... again, super cute!
By the way I am posting so many of these because these NEVER happen with my kids - one is always acting up or looking weird - I don't think I've gotten a great picture of both of them since Easter!! Tonight they both just wanted to sit on these boxes so... it worked out! Thank goodness I have a fast camera!

Okay on to "other" Christmas pictures! 

This morning Dad took the kids outside to sled on our new layer of ice from the freezing rain we got last night... good times!!

Little Michelin babies!

Off they go!!

Dressed for warmth!!

Christmas with Mommer and Papa on the 20th!
Lots of good presents!!

Lexie's got a new Lamby (that plays music even!) from Mommer and Papa - it certainly didn't replace "The Lamby" but she loves it all the same and sleeps with it every night!

For the Advent Calendar Treyton's last gift was a nerf gun - this was his favorite toy - and Tim's! I actually had to actually go back to Toy's R Us and get Tim his own gun... boys and their toys!
So far Treyton has shown alot of responsibility with it and has obeyed EVERY rule we have given him regarding it. Very cool to see.

Treyton working on an art project from his Auntie Autumn and Uncle Marv

Christmas Eve: Nothing like a wrestling match after dinner!

Christmas Eve PJs (a tradition in our house - we give the kids PJs every Christmas eve)

Lexie with her's

You go girl!

And let's not forget about our main man: Treyton!

Reindeer Lex

Stockings (still on the boxes) neither one of them wanted to move! That was okay by me because they made cute pictures! They had reindeer ears right up on top... how do you resist those for only a $1.00?!?!

It took Lexie a while to get through her's after she found a piece of candy on top! When it comes to food and treats Lexie is the worst possible mixture of mom and dad... not good!! ;)

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Deborah Ann said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a blessed Christmas...