Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

Our Christmas this year was pretty relaxed. Usually we spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family, but this year with my youngest sister in Virginia giving birth, we moved it up (to the 19th). So this year, for the first time ever, I was without my mom and sisters on Christmas Eve.

To be honest, I really missed them and thought about them through most of the day (especially considering Alana was in labor and all) but it was also a real treat to have the holiday to spend with just my hubby and kids. Because we grew up in Wisconsin while our entire extended family lived in Lousiana we never had very big family holidays - they were always just our immediate family and few times my step-grandparents or aunt joined us, for us, holidays were a very big deal, but celebrated with just our family, because that's just what our life looked like. It was nice to have that with my own family this year.

On Christmas Eve we went to a local churches Christmas Eve service at 4:00, Treyton, not knowing the church didn't want to go into the nursery so he went into the service with Tim and I. It was SOOO good! Probably the best Christmas Eve service I have ever been too. Of course they sang all the great Christmas songs, and then they had a dramatic story reading of "The Fourth Wisemen" throughout the story they would stop for some songs, perfectly placed of course (I don't know the names of all the songs but one of them was Addison Road's "hope" song... they were all as good!)
After the story the pastor got up and had a short closing statement. Normally Christmas services are very "basic" and meant mostly for non-believers, which I understand, but this pastor did an incredible job of ministering to BOTH long-time Christians and non-believers. (Something that I am really passionate about these days... see it can be done!!). In 10 minutes I learned things I didn't know, was reminded and convicted of the real meaning of Christmas and was encouraged to keep Jesus in the holiday through whatever traditions we have - traditions are meaningless if they don't point to Jesus.

When we got home from the service we had BLTs for dinner, the kids opened their Christmas Eve PJs and their stockings (I posted those pictures here).

That night, after the kids went to bed Tim started putting the kids gifts together that required assembling. It took 2 hours to put Lexie's kitchen together (YIKES!) but when he went to put together Treyton's train table that I ordered from amazon we realized it was smashed in one corner... bummer... we have to return it!

The next morning the kids woke up and of course we do presents, first thing. We do three gifts for each of the kids:
Treyton got: (1) an Imaginarium Marble Racer (2) Melissa & Doug Train set & table (3) Karaoke Machine
Alexa got (1) A pink and white wooden kitchen (2) A big stuffed teddy bear named snuggles (3) a rocking chair


 I was surprised to see a few extra gifts for me under the tree, Tim and I sat down together and ordered my books but he said he didn't get much of a thrill out of that so he picked me up a few more items (1) a MUCH NEEDED new blender that can also be a food processor - it is AWESOME!! (2) bras, which I also REALLY needed (3) a watch (4) underwear

I got Tim (1) a pair of brown florsheim shoes that he has wanted for a while (2) a watch (3) a belt (4) a nice set of hair clippers which we really needed.

All-in-all I can say we all got what we wanted and walked away with more than we deserved or needed - God is good!

Having the entire day at home with the family, and being typical Schoessow/Gascon mix we kept what was really important at the center of our day - FOOD. We spoiled ourselves with our Christmas Menu
Breakfast: Tim's famous Biscuits and Gravy
Lunch: Amber's Gumbo
Dinner: Lamb, baby red Potatoes, Brocolli & Cauliflower (our favorite "nice" meal!!)

 (If you look on the counter you can see my new blender)

We also made Jesus' Birthday cake which we ate as a snack.

Most of the day was really spent playing with all of the kids new toys. Lexie LOVES her new chair - she spent a large part of the day, rocking her lamby and climbing into it to jump off (just like Treyton does on the couch!), Treyton was most intrigued with his marble racer which Lexie also really enjoys and he also spent a large part of the day performing "church" with his new karaoke machine.

Dad and Treyton set up the train set in the entryway which doesn't get used too much, until we wait for our new table to come in (which should be here the 29th). So far Lexie has done well and not destroyed it. It's hard to play with because the train takes up alot of room and Treyton can't get on all sides of it. In time I think he will play with it even more.

 It was a great day!! It really was and I am truly thankful for all that God has blessed us with. 

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Tami Jo said...

ADORABLE!!! I love Lexie's face while hugging her big bear. Also the fact that Lexie is trying to get on top of the counter and Treyton has his leg on the counter...they are just so cute. I am such a blessed Aunt!