Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa... again

For those of  you who follow me on facebook, you already know that a few days before Christmas was the first time that my 4 1/2 year old son ever asked me who Santa was, after a nice patron at the restaurant we were dining at asked him if he had been a good boy and if Santa was going to bring him any presents. Treyton waited for the gentlemen to walk away and said "Who's Santa?" we answered him simply which seemed to satisfy him at the time.

Today, when the water guy came, Treyton insisted on stepping into the garage and watching him bring in the jugs.
I was in the laundry room so I overheard the cutest interaction:

Water Guy: Did Santa bring you lots of nice presents this year?
Treyton: We don't have Santa here, he's on TV.
Water Guy: Oh.... 

(Just so you know, we did not use TV as our explanation of who Santa was but we did use the example that he was "like mickey mouse, or bob the builder" just a pretend person)

After Treyton came inside he came to me and said "Do you know what that guy said to me?"
Me: What?
Treyton: He asked me about Santa!!!
Me: What did you say
Treyton: I said he was on TV!!
Me: That's a good answer buddy

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Michelle said...

Too cute! My babies are too young but we say the same thing to Lil who is 2.

Of course, we don't do Christmas at all because of not only the origins but what it has become. We use the time off to really enjoy our time together. We did look at lights this year with Lily, she thought it was great. One more reason our family thinks we're in a cult!