Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I put chapstick on Treyton cause his lips were getting pretty red. I told him it was important for him to stop licking his lips because his lips could get even more chapped and dry and could even crack and bleed. I told him I was going to get him his own chapstick so he could use it whenever he felt like his lips were dry, instead of licking them.
A few minutes later he looked at me worried and said "Did my makeup come off?" pointing to his lips.
Tim quickly informed him that it wasn't makeup - it was chapstick! :)

I was sitting on the couch and Treyton came and threw his body at my feet saying "ooohhhhh maaammmma... I am so stressed out. Somebody stressed me out, maybe sammy." (Sammy is his best friend who was not here at the time)

While eating dinner the other nigh I asked Treyton if he wanted some salad he replies "I suppose"

Today, Treyton asked me if he could have some gum. I said "no". And he said "why?" (like he often does) and I said "You know what, Treyton? I really don't appreciate you asking me 'why' every time you hear a 'no' answer. From now on, I don't want you to ask 'why' if mommy or daddy tells you 'no'.
Treyton: That sounds really hard. I don't think it's possible

Treyton was playing play-doh this afternoon and he came in to show me what he made. He brought what looked like a flat/smushed pile of playdoh, stretched out.
He said "Look mom, it's dry land for them to walk on"
We recently read the story of the parting red sea in Exodus. I said "For the Israelites to cross through the sea?"
Treyton: "Well. Yeah!"


Tami Jo said...

Oh man...Treyton thank you once again for making your Aunt Tami Jo smile! You are the man!

Virginia Lee said...

My favorite, "That sounds really hard. I don't think it's possible."

Treyton bud, I totally understand.