Monday, December 14, 2009

Treyton's Christmas Program: Part 2

This past weekend was Treyton's first Christmas program, he had a show on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon. I cannot express in words how proud I was of him. Of course both days I teared up a little bit in the beginning but overall I was surprised how well I did and the fact that I didn't completely lose it. I think it helped that we had family there both nights.

Treyton was lucky enough to have his Aunt Toni, her boyfriend Ken and Auntie Skye come on Friday night and then on Saturday Mommer, Papa, Grandma Lex, Papa Luke, Aunt Tami and Cousin Sawyer came. It was more than I could have asked for for him!

The first night I forgot my bigger camera lens so I didn't get very many good pictures, but the second day I remembered it and got TONS (over a hundred) pictures, of course I narrowed them down for you and have just chosen a few to post on here. When I have the time I plan on posting a little video of his program as well.

Singing and dancing his little heart out!!

Check him out.... giving it his all! 
I love this one of Sammy... he would be the boy turned around backwards in the middle of the choir! Treyton would be the one leaning the opposite way of everyone else.... :) Precious!!

The 4-5 Year Old choir 

 Lexie watching big brother.

Cousin Sawyer loving on Lexie sitting on Mommer's lap, watching Treyton perform... too precious.

 Treyton with his best friend Sammy, after they performed Saturday afternoon. 

 Daddy with Treyton after the program

Lexie and Mom after the program

Me with one of my bestest friends, Marsha (a.k.a. Sammy's mom!) getting ready to watch our boys perform together friday night. 

Sammy & Timmy - Buddies

Celebrating at Nakashima's, Treyton's favorite restaurant, sushi & hibachi!

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