Friday, December 11, 2009

Treyton's First Christmas Performance: Part 1

Tonight is Treyton's first Christmas Performance at our church.

Treyton has always been infatuated with our worship leaders and singing up on stage. He sings every day at home by setting up his own stage and using whatever he needs to as a microphone.
When the opportunity came up to put him the 4&5 year old choir for the Christmas Performance we just knew we couldn't pass it up. He loves to practice, and even practices at home.
For the last two months Treyton has been preparing for tonight and tomorrow's performance.

Last night was his dress rehearsal. Treyton's "costume" is simply dressing nice as he would for Christmas. So that's what he wore last night and I told him that he would be wearing it for the two performances as well.

This morning when Treyton woke me up - he was already "dressed" (minus his pants) in his performance outfit. The only problem was that the sweater vest and his underwear were both on backwards... he was in such excitement he just couldn't manage to focus long enough to get them on properly!!

I told him that he was dressed a little early, that he wasn't going to wear that outfit until later so that it wouldn't get dirty. He said "but..... but.... but this is what I'm supposed to wear for today!"

It took a little explaining but I finally talked him out of his outfit.... but not before I snapped a picture on my phone!!

To be honest, I'm not sure who is more excited, Tim and I or Treyton.

I wish that I could bottle up the next couple of days for him and the excitement he is feeling. This is a memory that I know we will both cherish.

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Mandi Miller said...

Very cute story! I stumbled on to your blog from CSAHM. Your kids are very adorable!