Monday, January 18, 2010

Adventures with Lexie - Continued

The saga continues:

This morning Treyton was soaking his feet in the bathroom sink (we did this with apple cider vinegar to get rid of a wart he had on his foot a while ago). I was doing my hair - Lexie came in and put her sippy cup up on the counter, it fell into the sink full of water. I pulled it out but because I was doing my hair I didn't dry it off. A little while later she came in and wanted her sippy cup which I handed her - still dripping with water a little bit.

When a few drops fell on the floor she pointed at them and said "Ooo, ooo!!"

I said "That's okay baby, it's just water, no big deal"

She wandered off and a little while later came back with a towel from the kitchen to dry up the spots on the floor!!

I think Tim is getting a little freaked out thinking about 3 cleaners in the house (Treyton has these same "tendencies"), but if it's any consolation she didn't pick up the towel after she dried up the floor!! :)

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Ticia said...

Can you send some of those cleaners over here?