Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alexa ~Our Sleeping Beauty~

I have to post this because this has NEVER happened before in our house, with Treyton or Alexa. We operate on a pretty tight schedule so it's rare that one of our children are so tired that they just "fall asleep" (other than in the car). We've always thought it would be cool to have a kid that fell asleep standing up, or in their high chair but we never have.

Today however, Lexie was ON ONE... I don't know how else to say it - she was a little stinker. So, after she followed me around the house crying for 45 minutes, with nothing working to calm her down, I put her in her room. She cried for another 5 minutes and then I heard her playing with some toys, I even peaked in at her on the video monitor and she was content as could be with her musical farm toy.

5 minutes after that.... I hear nothing, so I go and check again, I can't see her on the monitor so I slowly crack the door to find this:




Jenna said...

I've found Dave like that. No joke. Working 62 hours a week 3rd shift + school full time = a burly husband passed out in strange places around the house. Luckily yours is a little easier to move, and much cuter even if there is drool involved. ;)

Michelle said...

How sweet! We've said the same thing. We could never figure out how babies fall asleep in jumpers. My SIL actually lost her son in one of those big things with the balls they jump in...he had fallen asleep. CRAZY! I'm a major schedule keeper with sleep and food. I started as a "Baby Wiser." Although I realized it doesn't work on all babies! Anyways...I can't imagine Lily EVER doing that...I would have to would be precious though!

Catherine said...

How funny! That reminds me of my Abby. Abby is often a "little stinker" who follow me around screaming. She ends up in her room quite often, and more often than not, she loves the quiet time. I think she gets overstimulated at times and just needs a break. LOL!

Tami Jo said...

That is so adorable!!! Sawyer fell asleep yesterday while eating lunch - which is strange b/c his nap time usually isn't until 2:00 - with his hand still on his plate about ready to grab another bite.

Mandi Miller said...

Oh that is so adorable!!