Monday, January 4, 2010

Audrey's 28 Week Appointment

Today we had Audrey's 28 week appointment - we had an utrasound and my glucose test.

We won't have the glucose test results until our next appointment, which is in two weeks.

Our ultrasound went well. They got a much better look at Audrey's heart this time (which looked great), and we also got a profile picture of her face, which we weren't able to get last time.
She looks beautiful (obviously)!

We did receive a little bit of disappointment from the ultrasound, what we were hoping was an amniotic sheet did in fact turn out to be an amniotic band. We actually saw Audrey's foot and hand go around and on either side of the "band". I was actually comforted by this, as she is obviously able to maneuver around it and so far has not gotten tangled in it (which is the worst case scenario). The larger the she gets, the less likely she is to get stuck in it. In our case, the band is actually pretty far up and to the right hand side, which leaves her a lot of room to move around in without being too inconvenienced.

Audrey measured at the exact size for her age (28 1/2 weeks). She weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces. She really does look great!
God is so faithful and we know that He is in control of whatever happens. We trust Him to take care of our family and to watch over our precious little Audrey.


Mandi Miller said...

Congratulations! It won't be long from now!!

Michelle said...

God will take care of things.

I had gestational diabetes with my first. I controlled it with diet and actually LOST weight!

JJ was born with the cord wrapped around his neck... his heart rate dropped dramatically during labor.

Sigh. Pregnancy can be so scary! But so worth it in the end!