Monday, January 4, 2010

Reading Journey 2010: Unspoken

Book List Update: 
Well, it's January 4th and I am well into my 2010 reading list! To be fair, I started a little early, but I have already finished 2 of my 22 books (Unpsoken and Love & War), and have 4 others started (God as He longs for you to see Him, Boys and Girls Learn Differently, Purpose Driven Life & Jesus Lives)

Unspoken by Francine Rivers

This is a fiction book based on the Biblical character Bathsheba. This book like the other 4 in the Lineage of Grace series, is a smaller book and an easy read. I would actually read it at night before bed.

I think that Francine Rivers did a great job portraying the story of Bathsheba and reading this book really brought her to life for me, and I understood her (and David) in a way that I've never before been able. It was amazing how much more "real" they seemed to me in a fully illustrated, fiction story, such as this, than even in the Bible. Reading this story of Bathsheba I was able to see God's grace and sovereignty fully displayed in a story that seems anything but "of God". I love how our God is a god of detail, and a story like Bathsheba's bring that to your attention.

My only negative, is a personal one that I don't think would bother that many people, but for me, it was hard at times reading a "Bible-based fiction" book, in general because I kept thinking... does it say that in the Bible? could that be true? what would make her think that? was that in the Bible or is that Rivers talking?

Despite that minor negative, I would recommend the book as an easy fiction reader that has real substance and has the ability to stir your heart and mind.


Jenna said...

This is one of my FAVS in this series! They are such an easy read and so insightful about how these women and men played a part in Christ's lineage. Her book on Moses was AMAZING! She's great!!!!

Michelle said...

I read a book several years ago based on Ruth by Francine Rivers. I enjoyed it then. I can't remember the name of it?? Something about Love??

Anyways, I don't read much fiction anymore. It's mostly theology and parenting. Too boring to most people.