Sunday, January 3, 2010

Craft Time: Name Blocks

As part of my to-do list, posted a few weeks ago, one of the things I wanted to get done was to make Audrey's name blocks for her room. I did that this weekend and thought I would share with you what little crafty talent I actually have :)

For both of the other two kids their names are on their walls, but when I started putting Audrey's nursery together, I just felt like I wanted to do her room a little differently. THEN, I stumbled on these fun crafts (don't ask me how... probably through something Jenna sent me :))

Thankful Blocks & Mod Podge Mania I sort of kinda combined the two ideas and came up with these for Audrey's room....

I'm really happy with them and though they took alot of time (about 3 hours total) they were cheap to make (the paint I had from other crafts, the scrap paper was 50% off at Hobby Lobby, the 2x4s were in the garage, the only real purchase I made was for an exacto knife to cut out the letters for the stencils) and I like that I "made" it.


Jenna said...

Those are SO adorable. She will LOVE them!!!! And I haven't forgotten about our award- we've both been super busy with the Holidays. Great job on the blocks!

Mandi Miller said...

Those are extremely cute! I bet they will look GREAT in her room!