Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Picture Update

Time for some new pictures - most of these are from last week when Tim took the kids 4-wheeling in the yard, but there a few from today as well.

 I came home from coffee with a friend, Saturday morning and saw Tim and the kids on the 4-wheeler - Tim motioned to me that was Alexa was sleeping (he motioned because this particular 4-wheeler is especially loud) not that that seemed to bother Alexa's nap one bit!
 Here she is, slumped over, completely passed out!! If you recall I stated here that Lexie NEVER just falls asleep, I suppose now is the time to admit - I stand corrected!!
 Tim sat her up and she still couldn't manage to open her eyes!!
 I brought her inside and she remained passed out until I got her undressed!

 Here is our little princess this morning - just looking precious!
 She actually has a chapped part on her chin because she does this with her tongue (always to that side) so much. I'm glad I got a picture for proof!
Here is our superhero Treyton with his universal tool/weapon/guitar. 
This is actually the family a week or so ago at the Schoessow Family Christmas - we participated in a gingerbread house competition - this is the family with our graham cracker gingerbread house!! It was lots of fun!

There are more pictures I could share, but this will have to do for now, hope you enjoyed.


Tim (Amber's Hubby) said...

AWESOME!! Good pics Big Mamma, what a great time. I'm gettin out of work early c ya soon.

Love ya fam

Mandi Miller said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family! I can't believe she fell asleep on a 4-wheeler! That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Peyton used to always fall asleep on the 4-wheeler too!

Michelle said...

Great pics! Crazy 4-wheeler nap!

Lily does the same thing with her tongue. We keep Carmex on it or this Avon moisture therapy stuff. Well, her dad does...I'm neglectful like that. It really bothers him so he keeps that lip in tip top shape! It's all healed up on Monday and by Friday it's chapped again! OOPS!

donna said...

You forgot to mention that your gingerbread house came in 1st place!!

For His Glory said...


Ticia said...

I love the picture with the cape and mask! I could so see that in my house.