Monday, January 4, 2010

Reading Journey 2010: Love & War

Love and War by John and Stasi Eldredge

What can I say? I love John and Stasi! This book was no disappointment for me. The book which started out at a wedding ceremony which John was officiated and Stasi was "narrating" for us the readers stirred my heart in a powerful way. I actually told Tim - okay, if we ever renew our vows we're getting John Eldredge to do the ceremony! :)  

I want to start out by saying this book is for everyone, married, engaged or single. Even if you never plan on getting married, this book can help you relate to your friends that are married! You can read this book on your own (like I did) or with your spouse. After I read each chapter Tim and I discussed it which I found extremely insightful and helpful, but if you have a spouse that is unable or unwilling to participate, you could still benefit by picking up this book.

The Eldredges do a great job not only reminding us that Love is worth fighting for but that it is under attack - that there is a real war against our marriages and a real enemy who hates everything that marriage stands for. It's no wonder that marriage is hard, once we get over the shock of this, we need the truth of the greater Love story to get us through it. Love & War does an excellent job of pointing us in the right direction, giving us practical ways to get on the right track and see the story in it's entirety!

The truth is, parts of this book aren't "easy" to read - John and Stasi talk about the hard topics of marriage - but they do so in a way that motivates you to want to do something about it. They show a picture of what a "real" marriage looks like, and don't try to side step the hard issues that most of us face. The book includes truth like "marriage is the absolute hardest thing you will ever try to do in your life" but offers Biblical encouragement that help you see the beauty and the gift that marriage is. They remind you that marriage is worth it - that your spouse is worth it and that marriage is more than a happiness giver - it is soul saving.

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