Friday, January 8, 2010

Tagged - Yay!

I have received a tag award from Mandi over at Capitol Heights Mommy To accept this award I have to tell 7 things you may not know about me, this could be tough because I feel like I tell you guys everything! But I will do my best :)

1. I have been hearing so much about the show "24" lately, that I am very tempted to get into it... probably not a good idea, maybe I should just rent some of the old seasons and go from there.... 

2. Tonight I drove a 4-wheeler completely on my own (without Tim on the back) for the first time ever!! I even took the kids around for a few laps. It was exhilarating and I can't believe how much I loved it, but how intimidated I was - all at the same time!! I only drove with Tim once or twice, so this is all pretty new to me. I may become obsessed.

3. I ate an entire roll of Girl Scout thin mint cookies last night without even realizing it 'til the damage was done! 

4. I am addicted to Caramel Frappucinos from Starbucks and the caramel $1 sundaes from McDonald's --- I know, totally fits into the "healthy lifestyle we're working towards! 

5. We took our Christmas tree down the morning of Christmas (it was about 10:30) because we just couldn't stand to look at the "ugliest tree EVER" a moment longer! My mother-in-law totally called me on it --- I was totally busted! (though I still don't understand how she found out) 

6. Vacuuming excites me - specifically, my vacuum at my house - I get no thrills from vacuuming someone else's home (sorry). There are very few things that excite me as much as the smell of my vacuum and the feel of freshly vacuumed carpet in my living room or bedroom.... LOVE IT!! 

7. My two biggest weaknesses as far as spending money goes are books and bags ---- I can NOT get enough of either one!! 

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Virginia Lee said...

Thank you Amber! I agree with the books and Carmel Macchiatos.

I am going to try and catch up on some blog posts this weekend. We'll see how it goes.

Michelle said...

Thanks! 24 is a MUST! You really need to watch the older seasons though. I've been watching for 6 yrs. My favorite show! Hurry up have until the 17 to catch up.

Mother-in-Law said...

BUSTED!!! Amber you posted pictures of your Christmas morning, one minute your tree was there and next minute it was gone. LOL You crack me up!! It made my day.

Amy said...

Hey Amber, that vacuuming one made me laugh, I can't relate to that, but the books and bags, I am guilty of as well.

GranolaMom4God said...

Thanks so much! I am working on my post!!!