Monday, January 18, 2010

To-Do List: The BIG One!!

This past weekend my AMAZING man completed the biggest item on my to-do list. He painted our living room!! I can't tell you how much this meant to me, and what a sacrifice it was to him. You see, Tim had NO problem with the way the living room was. He does not share my unquenchable desire to "change things". I love change and I have to switch things up - I love to rearrange furniture, even move rooms around, I love painting walls different colors and moving pictures here there and yonder... I like change!! It makes me feel good. Tim however, does not share my enthusiasm for change. It's not that he hates change, but he is a laid-back, easy going kind of guy and he doesn't appreciate unnecessary work.

So when I began going crazy about a month ago, arranging and rearranging and moving things that I have moved a hundred times before, talking about how I wanted to decorate finally, Tim just sighed and understood that my incessant need for change combined with the beginning stages of nesting period was too much for him to resist. He put it off for a while, but in order to calm his preggo wife's nerves he obliged.

I love that man!!

So anyhow, here are the before and after pictures - There are 3 of both.

Before #1 - The fireplace and shelf wall is a cream color - the TV wall is purple. 
 After #1 - The fireplace and the shelf wall are now brown and the wall behind the TV is green.

 Before #2
After #2 - The wall is green and I found a picture in our basement I had Tim hang up - I don't know for sure what my plans for decorating are but for now I am happy with this. 
 Before #3 - the wall behind the couch is purple
After #3 - the wall behind the couch is now brown (though I had Tim paint it green the first time I decided I didn't like it so he repainted it!) 

So here it is!!


Tami Jo said...

I love it!!! Way to go Timmy!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Looks great! I wish I had your eye (and enthusiasm) for decorating.