Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alexa's Room Pictures - FINALLY!

We've had it finished for a while now but I keep forgetting to take the final pictures - I finally managed to get around to it this weekend - so here you go!!
This is the view when you walk into the room. I just love the color and the peacefulness the white offers. The white curtains really brighten the whole room up.
Here you can see Alexa's kitchen - she plays with this ALL the time - as does Treyton. I love that we got one that matches the room. I know it doesn't matter but I enjoy it.
Mommer, made the bench cushion/cover for her toy box. This was actually my toy box when I was a little, repainted. Mommer just pointed out (correctly) that I forgot to mention that Alexa picked out the material from Hobby Lobby for her bench - she was given three choices and picked this one more than once. She absolutely loves it to (the cushion) the last two days she has brought it out to the living room just to to jump on and off of it.


Jenna said...

It is so cute! I can't believe she's in a 'big girl' bed!!!!

Catherine said...

So cute! Where did you get her bed from? We're looking around for Rachel. We went to a furniture store to price things out and it was going to be $2,000 for bunk beds and mattresses. Yikes!

Amber said...

We got her bed set at a furniture store called - Furniture 1 (I think it's local but maybe not). Anyhow, we got the bed, dresser and mattress for under $500. The mattress was almost half of that (I like nice mattresses :))
There is also a mirror that goes on the back of the dresser but we're not going to put that on for a while.
We picked up the shelf for $80 at target.
I know we thought about getting Treyton a bunk bed with one of those dresser/desk things underneath right around that $2000- they were really cool though!! ;)

Mommer said...

Looks Great!! You forgot to mention that Alexa picked out the material for her bench. ;)

Amber said...

Donna, you are so right!! I just went back and corrected it :)

Alexis said...

LOVE the room!! Can't believe how good the toy box looks. Am glad it is still around - I have many memories of that toy box (mostly helping you clean it out) but then there was that day in Oklahoma when I moved it to vaccum and there was a dead scorpion under it!!!! Remember girls always check your shoes and shake out your pants BEFORE putting them on!!!

Mandi Miller said...

Her room looks so good! I LOVE decorating my daughter's room! You did a GREAT job!!!