Monday, February 22, 2010

A Few More Pictures of Our Family

I have really been slacking on here as far as posting pictures and updates for our family, so I am going to post a few now that I just cleaned off my camera, and hopefully will be able to go back a little bit later and post some more :)

This weekend, while we were home for Lucas' birth, Mommer and Papa (Tim's mom and dad) also had a sledding party. Here is Tim, his sister Tami, and her son Sawyer with Lexa and Treyton getting ready to go down the first time:

 Lexa has always loved accessories, and lately she has really taken to the Mr. Potato Head glasses, here she is wearing them --- she will walk around for a while like this, just giggling and putting them back on (because they obviously don't stay on all that well)
Alexa is sick, she has a little cold, this morning when she got up she was particularly whiny and icky, Treyton set her up a place to rest on the couch (totally on his own) and climbed up next to her to cuddle.


Ticia said...

love the picture of Alexa with the glasses. Way too cute.

Mandi Miller said...

You have the most adorable kids!!