Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making it Through my Moments

I am currently going through Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" study. We just started week four - I watched the video session yesterday. A large portion of the session was based on the principle that:

"We will never make it to our milestones if we can't make it through our moments"

She gave a rather humorous example of her son-in-law teaching her grandson (when the time comes) that any time he faces sexual temptation with a girl, for him to put his hand in the air and say "give me five!"
She went on to encourage us moms to use this same approach - right as you go to scream at that unruley child - put your hand up and ask 'em to "give you five".

I got such a kick out of the whole thing... and to be honest, I may actually use it - Ha!

Back to the point of my post...

I felt like Beth was talking right to me during most of the video - I have much to apply to my own personal life to more than one area! But the biggest thing I am learning is this importance of overcoming the individual moments before I can defeat an entire stronghold or bondage area. 

It starts with one - overcoming that agreement/temptation - one time, then another, and another. And sometimes we'll have to start over, and that's okay. We HAVE to start with the one!

For some this may seem so simple and obvious and writing it here,  I somewhat agree with you - but in the moment, things have not gone so simply for me.
In fact I have a long list of lies and agreements I use as soon as I come up against one of these "moments", do any of these sound familiar to you?
~ "What's it matter, I've already screwed this day up, I'll do better tomorrow"
~ "What's one more, it's not like it's going to make a difference"
~ "I'm never going to make it, so why should I even try"
~ "Lord, just take it away, remove this temptation - I can't do it on my own" (side note: this is not a horrible thing to pray, it's just that I was taking the responsibility off of myself and putting it onto God)
~ "I just can't, it hurts to much, I can't wait for the Lord to heal me in this area so that I can"

I have heard Beth talk on this before (at the simulcast from here in Green Bay) but she talked about the fact that at the end of the day, we are all going to do what we want to. We aren't going to change and break free from our bondage until we really want to. Often our prayers are for God to remove a temptation or struggle in our life is said while we are tightly clinging to it with white-knuckled fists. We must come to a place where we have had enough - where we actually HATE the sin/pit that we have fallen into.

Maybe you're not there yet (I know there are many areas that I am not), and the best place to start is to be honest with yourself about that. And once you can do that, be honest with God, lay it out before him and ask for him to change your "want to".

As I begin to have the Lord work on a few twisted areas of "want to" in my life, I am continuing to take it a moment at a time, facing each decision for what it is - a choice I must make. I am taking a journey to freedom and I'm not going to stop - and that journey takes place one step at a time.
The Lord is faithful, and He is changing my want to, but that doesn't mean my struggles have been taken away, it means I am taking it a moment at a time, with small victories, and yes, some defeats. I know that in the end I WILL SUCCEED. My deep want to is changing and I have had enough, I am ready for freedom, I am ready for whatever sacrifices I must make to reach my milestone of freedom!
I'll be honest, I wish that this journey were easier, faster and a little less painful; but as I continue towards healing and victory the Lord is drawing me closer to Himself. I am learning more about Him, His character and His heart for His people. He is teaching me so much and I am grateful.

The journey continues!

Great is our God and worthy of praise!


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Sigh, such great thoughts. As always I find your posts so inspiring.