Monday, February 22, 2010

Pictures of Lukas Floyd - 2.20.10

Lukas Floyd Born 2.20.10 
4:10 am
8 pounds 2 ounces, 20 inches
 Finally ready to see mom and dad!
 Getting oxygen, he was in respiratory distress at first but the fluid in his lungs cleared up right away.
 Being weighed
 Lukas and Dad for the first time
 Holding Lukas for a few seconds before I went home (5:30 in the morning)
 Uncle Tim and Lukas (the next morning)
 Auntie Amber & Lukas, the next morning.
 Mommy holding Lukas for the first time.
 Kisses from Mom, before she could hold him.

We praise God that Autumn was able to deliver vaginally after a previous c-section, and that her body went into labor on it's own and continued to progress, something that did not happen during her labor with her daughter Shayla. 

God is good! 

2 down.... 2 to go!! (on my side at least) 4 to go if you're counting both me and Tim's!! How exciting.


Anonymous said...

He looks so adorable...cant wait to meet him


Ticia said...

YOu had me worried there for a second that was your baby.