Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted any Treytonisms - here are a few of the more recent things he's said/done:

While on a normal trip to Wal-Mart Treyton and I needed to make a bathroom stop (go figure), in this particular restroom there were 4 stalls - 3 "normal" and 1 handicap. When we walked in Treyton claimed his stall "I want this one, and you can have that one" (pointing to the handicapped one).
"Why do I need the big one?" I asked
"Because. You're a big mama!"
(side note: both Treyton and Tim refer to me as big mama)

Last night at the supper table Treyton (out of what seemed to be nowhere) said to Tim "Dad, you can't just sell steel, you need to make something"
Tim said "No, I can just sell steel - that's what I do"
Treyton being insistent on the fact, went on for about 5 minutes, adamantly declaring things like: "NO! You need to make something." "You might get dirty, but you need to work." "No, no, you don't understand, you can't just sell it, you need to make something."
He and Tim went around and around... finally Treyton dropped it, but he never did agree.

A few days later the kids and I ran by the shop to pick Tim up for an appointment we had. While we were sitting in the van waiting Treyton again said "You know mom, I really wish Daddy made something to sell."

Tim often says to Treyton when they are wrestling or being rough - "If you're going to be stupid, you got to be tough" to which Treyton usually laughs, but on one particular time he looked at Tim and said "I am stupid".
Tim obviously told Treyton he wasn't stupid, but I thought it was funny. (Trust me, Treyton does not think he's stupid :))

The other day, I told Treyton while we were out that we were going to pick up lunch on our way home - he asked me where and I said "I'm not sure, do you have somewhere you would like to eat?" and he said "Barby's is fine" (he meant Arby's)

Athe dinner table one night Treyton was getting really loud talking to Jesus.
I said "Woaw! You might want to be careful, you don't want to yell at Jesus."
He looked and me and said "I'm not yelling, I'm proud."
I was obviously a little confused so I asked what he meant and he put both hands in the air and waved them and said "You know, when you go wooo-hooo, and clap."
I said "Do you mean like when you are part of a crowd?"
"Yeah, and when you are happy about someone and you go woo-hoo"
Tim and I talk alot about being proud of Treyton and we often cheer for him so I think to him the two go hand-in-hand.

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Deborah Ann said...

Treyton is adorable! Have a few of these myself from my grandkids. I saved every cute comment and put them in a scrapbook, along with pictures.

LOVE the worship music here, I'm rocking out!!!