Thursday, March 25, 2010

Audrey's 2 Week Appointment

We had Audrey's 2 week appointment today.
Today was actually Audrey's due date, which is kind of a weird thought to me, seeings as how she is already two weeks old! (and actually the doctor, which I hadn't realized had changed her due date after our ultrasound to March 28th, so she technically, according to them, wasn't even due yet!) 

As of today:
Audrey weighed in at 6 pounds 5 ounces - the 5th percentile
She was 20 1/4" long - 55th percentile
and her head was 25th percentile.

It's astonishing to think that at two weeks old she is still over a pound and a half smaller than our other two children! 

The doctor is really happy about her growth (as were we). He had told us at the hospital that the goal was for her to be back to her birth rate by two weeks. And that they look for 1 1/2 - 3 pounds gain a month at this age, and for her to have already gained almost a pound was great!

As for my health, while at Audrey's appointment I had them check my blood pressure it was 116/82 which is also great news!

So the general consensus is that things are going great! Audrey is still sleeping most of the day away. She has a 3-4 hour awake period between 4-8pm but other than that she is typically just sleeping, pooping and eating :) living the dream! She is trying hard to become a thumb sucker and mom is trying equally as hard to keep her from this.
We have officially decided (after a particularly rough night last night) that we are going try to co-sleep.
When we co-sleep Audrey will give us one 4 hour period and another at least 2-3 hour period. When trying to put her in her pack-n-play or bassinet she will only give us an hour and half at a time... NOT enough!!

We love having this new little blessing, and so far she has been a piece of cake - we've hardly heard her cry except for baths, and her little "squeak" is so cute it's hardly considered a cry.
She is already a mama's girl, and I think that's primarily because she nurses so often she doesn't have the time for anyone else :).

I can't wait to update you all more on her personality once she starts staying awake a little more.


Virginia Lee said...

Caroline was like this, the sleeping part that is. I am very sure it was because she was so small, 5 lbs 6 oz and 5 weeks early. She did sleep better in her little swing if it was set on slow. I used to worry about her swinging for so long. But the dr was not worried, I needed more than 45 mins sleep at a time and once she was a little older she moved to her bassinet just fine. I also worried she would be so dependent on the swing she would never sleep in her bassinet. Not a problem. If the co sleeping does not work for ya'll try the swing. I could never sleep as well when she was in the bed next to me. Always stayed partially awake.

Audrey is still so young. I really believe they are working so hard just getting used to the world, breathing, how to eat and so forth. Just the growing at the rate they do is hard work. I am sure the nights will get better. It just seems like it takes forever when no one gets to sleep. =)

Hope ya'll find what works for you. Sleep is precious.

Ashley Skye said...

Oh she is looking so good - I think you may have a thumb sucker on your hands we will have to see how that goes but you were destined to eventually have one you know. LOL