Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Baby Audrey

Audrey Ann is here! 
Born 3/11/2010 at 12:31pm
Weighing only 5 pounds 7 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long 
Such a HUGE blessing in a little package!!
Holding Daddy's wedding ring
Here is the first family of five picture! 
Meeting Audrey for the first time! 
Audrey's first bath, they used the pink tub instead of the regular baby tub because she was so small. 
Daddy holding Audrey for the first time.

This is Audrey and I this morning before leaving the hospital, I realized this morning there were no pictures of the two of us from her first day without me breastfeeding, which I wasn't about to put on the internet!! :) 

Auntie Skye and Audrey 
Aunt Autumn and Audrey
Aunt Toni and Audrey
Grandma Lex and Audrey
Mommer and Audrey.
Papa and Audrey, not a great picture of Audrey but I can not get over the size difference. 
Tim says it looks like he could eat her!
This is my Grandma (Grams)

After going in on Monday for my usual 37 week appointment (I saw Dr. W), I was told I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine. They did some blood work and said if that came back normal (which it did) to take it easy and come back in on Wednesday. If my blood pressure was still high we would probably talk about inducing. 
* Side note: my normal doctor was out of town this week so I saw an entire network of doctors throughout the whole process. 
Wednesday morning at 9:00am we went in (and saw Dr. C), my blood pressure reading was 148/92 (high) they had me lay on my left side for 10 minutes and retook it, it was still high so the doctor decided to admit me to the hospital putting me on bed rest with bathroom only privileges, to monitor me for the day and to take a 24 hour urine protein sample. We checked into the hospital a little before 10:00am
At about 7:00pm the doctor came in, my blood pressures remained high, even on bedrest so Dr. C wanted to go ahead and start the induction process (slowly) and to really get going with inducing in the morning. He went ahead and ordered cytotec to be put on my cervix (which is a little dissolvable pill).
At 8:40pm cytatec was given - I was at 1 large cm 75% effaced. 
Cramping started and remained roughly every 2-3 minutes throughout the night but were very mild. I was able to sleep (with hourly blood pressure checks :)) some throughout the night - I would say I slept about 3 hours. 
11:00pm after five attempts (two nurses and an anesthesiologist) finally got an IV hub in my arm. Because of my high blood pressure, they could get the IV in but as soon almost immediately the vein would collapse. 

The next morning at about 8:40am Dr. W came in and broke my water. I was 3 cm and 50% effaced.
Contractions became more intense but were fairly sporadic some 2-3 minutes apart, other 5-10 minutes apart. 
10:00am 3-4 cm, 75% effaced
11:00am received epidural, pain was much better except for a strip across the bottom of my belly.

11:30am Stared Pitocin, which they doubled 20 minutes later when my protein levels came back at 1276 (anything over 500 is considered high), they were much more serious about getting baby out ASAP. 
I could tell the contractions were getting a little more intense, but still manageable and sporadic. 
Tim ran down to the van to get Audrey's gifts for the other kids and to walk around for a while with my mom and sister while I tried to rest in between contractions. 

12:15pm the nurse checked me again when I told her the pain was getting worse, almost where it was when I got the epidural, I was 5 cm 90% effaced. She decided to call the anesthesiologist back in. 

12:20pm (5 minutes later) The anesthesiologist came in, he walked in and I told him the pain was getting worse he said he was going to insert more medicine into the catheter and up my dose, as he went to walk around to help me up (we were the only two in the room) I had another contraction at which point I felt an intense wave of pain and SEVERE pressure. I couldn't even really talk to him but started waving my hands, and he said "Another contraction?" 
I started nodding my head and shaking my hands at him (unable to talk) and finally got out "Yeah, you need to get the nurse!!!" 

At this point, Tim, my mom and Skye just happened to walk back in the room, I was clenching the side of the bed, moving from side to side, and checking to see if the baby was coming out - it literally felt like the head was coming out! 
Moments later the nurse was in the room, she quickly checked me and said "Oh yeah!! You're fully dialated and the baby is RIGHT there!" 
Doctor P who had come over from the clinic to introduce herself just so happened to arrive at this time and said "Hi, I'm Doctor P, I came over to introduce myself, I'm going to be delivering your baby today!" 

Within a few seconds, they had the bed torn apart and ready - I pushed two big pushes and Tim said "Amber she is right there" I didn't believe him until I looked down and her head was mostly out - I pushed lightly one more time and her head was completely out. 
At 12:31pm Audrey Ann was here. 

It happened quickly at the end but everything went well and we are grateful for that!  

I have more to say about sweet Audrey and her birth weight and how grateful I am for a God that is in control and so clearly all over Audrey's pregnancy and birth and there is even more to say and praise Him for that I plan to do.... a little later... until then I hope you enjoy the pictures! 


Tami Jo said...

So Amazing!!! I love the picture of Timmy holding her for the first time and your face expression in the background...priceless! I just can't wait to see her.

Catherine said...

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful birth story. This makes me want to meet my little one!! :)

For His Glory said...

Wow!!! What a crazy birth story! She is sooooooo very tiny, it is amazing. Can't wait to hear more about her. Hope to talk to you soon.

Love, Jaime

Virginia Lee said...

Praise the Lord for your beautiful Audrey Ann! Your family looks great as a family of 5. She is so sweet and tiny. Our Caroline was 5 lbs 6 oz.

I hope you are at home resting and snuggling and spending lots of time together. Caroline is 20 lbs, 20 months now. It goes so quickly. But then you already know that.

I am so glad ya'll were able to trust in God and rest in Him through everything. He gave you a beautiful little miracle.

Ticia said...

I was just wondering this morning if your baby had come. She's so adorable!
And that picture of her clutching the ring with her little fingers is so amazing. You need to frame that one.

Michelle said...

That is so awesome! She is so tiny! I love to hear wonderful birth stories...thank you for sharing. And congratulations on another beautiful baby girl!