Sunday, March 7, 2010

Man Overboard

This afternoon Treyton and Alexa were out in the driveway riding their bikes.
Within minutes of being outside Alexa learned a valuable lesson - and that is the importance of keeping your ride on the road and your wheels on the ground!!

She literally drove her bike right off the edge of our driveway into the ditch!
This is how Tim found her bike - Lexie was lying in the ice puddle, underneath it, soaked!!

After Tim picked her up he asked "Are you okay?" to which Lexie replied "Yeah"
I asked her the same thing when she came in, and she told me the same thing.
All she wanted was to get undressed, redressed and back outside --- so that was what we did.
Here is Alexa, dried off and redressed showing me where it happened - she had quiet the story to tell, even if we couldn't understand it.

I take comfort in the fact that we have at least 14 more years to pray and interceed before we have to worry about this girl with a car! 

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