Monday, March 22, 2010

Picture Update 3.22.10

Audrey Sleeping on Mom (her favorite place to be) 
Lexie, sporting her new pigtails with Lamby. 
Mom, with Audrey
Dad, with Lexie and Treyton, cuddling before bed - Treyton actually got hurt and was upset, Lexie jumped up on Dad's lap to help hug it out! 
Game time!! With the nice weather we had the last week, we brought up Treyton's basketball hoop from the basement and set it up outside - it's been a big hit!! 
At this point, dad lowered the hoop so Lexie could get in on some of the action. 
Here is our B-Ball Girl!! 
Treyton - making a slam Dunk!! 
Audrey, asleep, again :) 
Cousins: Lukas & Audrey - 3 weeks apart (in Lukas' defense Audrey is curled up here) 
Audrey is actually really long but really skinny. Lukas on the other hand is long and chubby :) 
My sister, Autumn and her two kids came to visit for the day last Friday. 
Here are the 3 kids together 
Our Superheroes!! 
Kisses from mama! 


Michelle said...

Audrey is so tiny! STILL! I want a new baby now! :) Great pics!

Tami Jo said...

She is changing so much already; don't worry she is still super precious!!! I love all the pictures but especially the one of you kissing Audrey.

Ashley Skye said...

I love the picture of you kissing Audrey love it and may take the idea lol - Also love all the super man pics from Dad and Treyton all the way to Alexa I think you need one for Audry